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If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media you’ve seen some girls taking pictures in their super cute decorated mirrors. Unfortunately, if you’re in college you most likely don’t have the money to get that so, here’s a way to diy your own cute selfie mirror!  

Get your materials!

What you’ll need:  

A towel 

A mirror (any shape or size!) 

A hot glue gun (or super/gorilla glue will work fine too)  


Anything you wanna decorate them with (feathers, flowers, gems, etc.) 

Led lights (you should only need one pack of the 6ft)  

Lay out your supplies and towel

Place your mirror on the towel and line it with glue and get the LED lights and carefully wrap it around the mirror. Give it a couple steps to dry, once the lights are all dry then line the inside of the mirror with tape to protect it from the next step.

Secure your decorations with the glue

After lining your tape up go around and secure your decorations with the glue, let everything dry over night and remove the tape when you are happy with the final product. 

Finally, once everything is secure and dry, plug it in and hang it up on your wall. Now you're ready to take a couple selfies and tik toks!

Jaila is a Sophmore Mass Communication major at Norfolk State University. She was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She loves makeup, dancing, and writing. 
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