How to Avoid Drama in Your Friend Group

One of the best parts of your college experience is meeting some of your closest friends. With a new friend group comes lots of new things: new adventures, new secrets, but most importantly… NEW DRAMA! Here are a few ways to avoid drama in your friendship groups.

1. Learn to Keep A Secret - When your friends tell you a secret KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Your friend trusted you to keep their secrets with you. By blabbing your mouth and telling everyone on campus about it, you’re basically degrading their trust in you; so keep quiet!

2. Don’t Gossip - Sometimes, when something is on your mind about a friend it can be hard not to turn around and tell the others in the group. Understand that talking about them in their absence is also gossiping. Always remember not to say anything about anyone behind their back that you wouldn’t want to be said behind yours.

3. Always Speak Up - When something someone has said or done has bothered you don’t just brush it under the rug, speak up about it. When you allow whatever is making you upset to fester it will only make the situation worst. Always sit down and talk out the problem with your friend and find a solution.

There are so many ways to have a successful friendship and avoid drama and these are just a start. Always remember that through hard times your real friends will always be the ones to stay around.