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Four Sites to Help You Find the Perfect Summer Internship

With the new year here and the month of January almost over we must start preparing for what’s ahead of us. That means it’s time to go internship hunting. Whether your a junior or senior, it is never too late to start looking. Well…. unless you’re graduating, but to make the search a little easier here are four websites to find the perfect internship that best fits your networking needs.


Career Center

Your school’s career center should be the absolute first place to hunt for your summer internship. Those thousands of emails you receive from them aren't just so they can annoy you. Believe it or not, they actually produce a lot of helpful tips and information to help your search go more smoothly. They also may be the only way to find out about your school’s next career fair, which is a major key alert when it comes to finding an internship.



According to Forbes magazine, LinkedIn.com is the number one spot to find internships. Making a profile is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and making connections is child’s play. By using LinkedIn building a network of contacts and connecting with companies worldwide couldn’t be easier. Which is the key component of securing the internship of your dreams.



For those looking for the specifics in an internship job, such as the essential question. Am I getting paid or nah? Indeed.com is the perfect website for you. With a search engine that a fifth grader could probably navigate through and the option to look up salary, distance, and job type, searching will be made a breeze. The site even shows reviews of your future employers, so you won’t get stuck with a Devil Wears Prada situation.



I know for a fact that us fellow college students depend on Chegg for almost everything. So it would only make sense that Internships.com would make the list since it is an extension of Chegg. Also since our lives revolve around our cell phones anyways, they also have a mobile app so you can search on the go.


This is such an crucial time for finding an internship that could possibly turn into a full-time job. There is nothing better than graduating and knowing that you got a degree and a job secured. Now go get that bag sis!!


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