Emergency Where?

Congress failed at their attempt to protect America on Tuesday, March 26th from a false national emergency, but they did not fail to make a statement. Both parties in Congress came together to override what the President of the United States calls a National Emergency.   

In an attempt to stop the national emergency, 14 Republicans voted alongside Democrats leaving a total vote of 248-181, well short of the 288 that needed to override Trump’s veto. With votes like this, it shows that there is a long battle ahead for people inside and outside of Congress who are not pleased with what the President is trying to do.    

Ohio's GOP Sen. Rob Portman says that "Declaring a national emergency to access different funds sets a dangerous new precedent," Ultimately, "It opens the door for future presidents to implement just about any policy they want." This is true. There is no real National Emergency. With this wall, America as we know it would not come to an end. Giving into what President Trump wanted may have ultimately set up what America's future will look like.   

Many agree that calling a National Emergency for a wall violates the constitution. Congress passed a resolution in order to stop the national emergency President Trump called in order to obtain more than 5 million dollars. When it became apparent President Trump would not receive the funds he was looking for, he reverted to his childhood days of throwing temper tantrums; only this temper tantrum will affect a whole country. He declared a national emergency so no one would be able to stop the bill from being presented.    

Democratic leaders in the house were not under the impression that the veto override would pass. The vote was more about letting the President know that people within the House would not sit back and do nothing while their country is taken downhill for something the President calls an emergency.    

Portman, along with other Republicans, believes, “President Trump is right about the crisis at the border." If the Presidents concern is with illegal activity that happens at the border like human trafficking and illegal immigrants why is he only concerned with where brown people come into America illegally? There are borders that Caucasian immigrants sneak across in order to come to America so why is there no wall being built where Caucasians come in illegally. Yes, there may be problems at the Mexican border, but these are illegal activities that happen on all sides of the American border.  

Was the National Emergency a real emergency at all or is the President of the United States using his power for his own gain? Why is it important that we stop the illegal activity happening at the brown border but not at the Caucasians’ border. These are all questions to sit and think about to come up with resolutions. Congress cannot do it on their own, they also need the people’s will.