Different Types of Diets For College Students

Your first semester of college just passed and you step on the scale and you already gained the freshman fifteen. It is ok though there are plenty of ways to shed that excess weight. Exercise is definitely a factor in weight loss but the main part to losing is the diet. Here are three different diets for a college student on a budget.

Low-Carb Diet

A low carb means that you decrease or you lower the amount of carbs you intake.  There are many different types of low carb diets such as: keto which increases the amount of fat you intake, Atkins which increase the amount of protein you intake, and paleo which increases both the fat and protein. Most Low carb diets while cutting down on the carbs it switches your body to a fat burning mode.


Vegetarian or Vegan These diets are similar yet different as vegans do not eat any type of animal product while vegetarians may do it, but still to not eat meat. These diets increase your vegetable and fruit intake while eliminating meat.  There are many products that can help in replacing that need for meat, such as tofu. Tofu can be seasoned any way and can almost taste identically to whatever substitute dish you were preparing. Usually, these diets can also help with clean eating.


Basic Diet

A basic diet is just cutting back on the sugars you eat and the foods you eat. This type of diet requires you follow the myplate example. When ordering out try to decrease the fatty foods and try not to get fast foods too often. You also can try and make choices when eating at school cafe’s. A basic diet is just making sure that you make the better choices in what you consume.


In order for these “diets” to be successful look at them more as lifestyle changes instead of just some quick fix. Also, before just choosing a diet make sure you do more research to make sure the diet you choose is right for you. Not all diets are made for everyone, because there are so many different body types, which can achieve different results.