Daytime Divas Past and Present

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t for the kids anymore. Halloween 2018 came through with celebrity look a-likes, costumes from our favorite movies, and so much more. While artists like Beyoncé and Rita Ora were out breaking the internet with their "Phoni Braxton" and Post Malone costumes, the ladies of “The Real” were paying homage to the Daytime Divas that came before them.


Comedian and co-host, Loni Love paid tribute to Day Time TV Maven Oprah Winfrey on the Halloween Edition of “The Real”. Oprah Winfrey is an award-winning actress, media executive, and renowned talk show host. She is most known for her philanthropy and The Oprah Winfrey Show which ran for 25 seasons (1986-2011). “The Oprah Winfrey Show” was home to amazing giveaways, reuniting long lost family members, and health updates with Dr. Phil. Loni Love did a great job of capturing Oprah’s enthusiasm for being on the stage.


Actress and co-host Tamera Mowry paid tribute to America’s Top Model Tyra Banks on the Halloween Edition of “The Real”. Tyra Banks is a model, actress, and former superstar talk show host. She is most known for her work in the modeling arena as well as the “The Tyra Banks Show” which ran for 5 seasons (2005-2011). “The Tyra Banks Show” was about women sharing their stories, living fearlessly, and breaking down stereotypes. Tamera Mowry excelled in recreating Tyra’s realness on this fun Halloween edition of the show.


Singer and co-host Adrienne Bailon paid tribute to talk show royalty Sally Jessy Raphael on the Halloween Edition of “The Real”. Sally Jessy Raphael is a media veteran, broadcast journalism legend, and acclaimed former talk show host. She is known for her controversial topics and candid conversation. “The Sally Jessy Raphael Show”, shortened later to “Sally” ran for 19 seasons (1983-2002). During that time Sally Jessy Raphael took an open and liberal approach to abortion, sex before marriage, and homosexuality. Adrienne Bailon played Sally Jessy Raphael so well with her impersonations that during the call-in portion of the show we heard from the legend herself as she called in to congratulate the ladies of “The Real” on a job well done.


Last but not least stylist and co-host Jeannie Mai paid tribute to Ellen DeGeneres on the Halloween Edition of “The Real”. Ellen DeGeneres is a producer, comedian, and inspiriting talk show host. She is known for her big heart and giving spirit. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has been on since 2003 and is wildly successful. Viewers continue to watch every weekday for the array of different guest and viral video moments. Jeannie Mai did an outstanding job of showing how involved Ellen DeGeneres gets with her audience and why America has fallen for her.


The Halloween Edition of “The Real” reaffirms that another woman’s success is inspiring and not defeating. 2018 seems to be wrapping up nicely as the year empowered women empower women. Let’s keep that same energy as we move into 2019.