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Condoms or Cooties? A Young Woman’s Pep Talk for Carrying Condoms

 Any woman who has stood in line at the grocery store with a box of condoms can relate to what seems like a spotlight moment with all eyes on them. The awkward stares you feel as you avoid making eye contact with the cashier or even the judgment coming from men before they even articulate the words. Yes, I’m a woman and I carry my own condoms. What’s really the problem? To be completely honest, I’m sick and tired of the slut shaming of women for simply being responsible adults.  1 in 4 Americans will contract an STD. Did you read that? Not maybe, not possibly; WILL. If you are sexually active, carry condoms! Add it to your grocery list; Bread, milk, eggs, paper towels, condoms … go it!

As women, we cannot continue to expect our partners to always have our best interest at heart (no offense fellas). I’m sure every woman has had that moment where things are getting frisky in the bedroom and of course when it’s time to create fireworks your partner “ironically” doesn’t’t have a condom. From there it’s a game of Russian roulette and your options are catching cooties or the possibility of pushing a stroller nine months later.  I can tell you right now, I’m too young and too cute to have to face either of those options, so I’ll take carrying condoms for 300 Alex!

Now I know you may all be saying to yourself “Well he’s wearing it, why do I have to provide them?” In a perfect world, yes, he would always have one, but sometimes men are just…well, men. So, take one for the team, spend a little extra money so that you are always prepared. Women shouldn’t be embarrassed to carry condoms, and more women should feel encouraged to do it. Who cares what anyone says or thinks about it? Pat yourself on the back for putting yourself first, your lady parts are highly appreciative.  Now ladies, head down to your local grocery store, explore your options (because there are LOTS) have fun and be safe.

Hello, my name is Taylor and I’m a senior at Norfolk State University. I’m majoring in Mass Communication/ Journalism and I will be graduating in December of 2018 (yay!). Writing has always been my outlet, and I’m hoping that through Her Campus I’m able to create engaging and inspiring content that is relatable for every young woman.
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