The Citys Shop



Supporting black-owned businesses are important. This allows for the black community to keep money within their own community. It gives the community an opportunity to expand and grown. There is a young black Entrepreneur that lives in Washington DC. At a young age, he started his own clothing brand by the name of Crak1n. If you want to be chill but still look cute and fly for half the price designers charge, I have three designs you must have from The Citys Shop!

Black Mix Barcode Long Sleeve: With this, you can either dress it up or down. You can pair this long sleeve shirt with jeans and a pair of cute heels, or you can go for the down to earth look and pair it with some sneakers. This long sleeve shirt can be worn during the fall or winter time. You can stay warm and keep your style. Who says you have to choose? This would be a great addition to anyone's closet because everyone has those days where we don’t know what to wear. With this shirt, you can just throw it on and go about your day. This shirt is available in different colors.



V5 2019 Suit: This is the ultimate chill, cool, and creative fit. This sweatsuit has a unique design that captures the eye. V5 can be worn for numerous occasions, and you will always stick out in the crowd. Ladies, you can dress this outfit up or down; you can also wear them separately for a different look. It all depends on what the queen herself (the queen being you) wants that day. This suit is available in numerous colors, so you are never stuck with one option.  



I NEED BAGS, NOT BOYS: I’m always looking for a sweater to throw on for class and I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes you want to be chill but still cute. You can do just that with the I NEED BAGS, NOT BOYS sweatshirt that comes in various colors such as green, grey, red and more. Not only can you wear it to make a fashion statement, but you can also wear it to make this statement, we are here to acquire the bag, boys are only a distraction.  



As you have seen by the images above, you do not have to rock designer to look good and stand out. We should try supporting those in our own communities so that our communities grow. Why would we not support our own when community designers can have us looking just as fly as most think they look in designers who do not support minorities. The best thing about these designs is you do not have to worry about if you look calm, cool, and collected because with these three pieces you most definitely look the part. Here is the website, you guys can look around a little: