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This week’s Campus Crush is Benin Allen! Benin is a junior Sociology major at Norfolk State University. He has a deep love and appreciation for music and is currently exploring the avenue of music production. He is also single single so ladies you know what to do. A little unknown fact about Benin is that he will be commissioning in the Navy as an officer next year. We love a king that protects and serves. 

HCNSU:  What are your hobbies, likes, and dislikes?

Benin: Music production, I’m a barber, I do vlogs, and I edit videos. I’m really into nostalgic stuff, stuff that just makes you feel a certain way. 

Dislikes: I dislike washing dishes because my shirt gets wet, wet socks, bad smells, liars. Oh my God I hate liars.

 HCNSU: What is your outlook on love?

Benin:I feel like it will find you in due time. Love is something you have to work at. I also believe that you can’t have a real relationship or real love without God. 

HCNSU: What is it that you love most about the opposite sex?

Benin: I would say the patience, intelligence, ability to nurture and give life. Women are just amazing.

HCNSU: What qualities do you look for in a future partner?

Benin: She has to love God, be ambitious, smart, and caring.

HCNSU: Are there any other avenues you are exploring outside of your major? Media? Modeling?

Benin: Music production and business ventures, such as real estate.

HCNSU: What are your favorite qualities about yourself?

Benin: I’m driven, passionate, smart, kind, and I have strong relationship with God. 

HCNSU: What advice would you give to a woman trying to pursue you?

Benin: She has to pursue herself first. Be at peace with herself first so that when we get in a relationship we can still have our own personal lives. 

HCNSU: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years 

Benin: Over seas on a destroyer- a ship. I’ll have a house, a car, my first kid, and a wife. 

HCNSU: What would you want the gender of your first child to be?

Benin: A girl, because I feel like it would make me a better man and give me an even deeper appreciation for women just by me having my own little girl to care for.


It sounds like Benin has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants out of life.Good luck to him in all of his future endeavors. If you would like to keep up with Benin or slide into the DMs you can follow him on twitter: @6ixten_

 and on IG: @6ixten.wav. He is also a campus artist so make sure to support your fellow Spartan. That’s all folks. Tune in next week and keep up with us on social media and see who the next campus crush is. It might even be you. 

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