Campus Crush: Justin Sherman

We're 2 for 2 this week! Her Campus NSU's Campus Crush is Justin Sherman! Justin is a senior Kinesiotherapy major from Newport News, VA. This professional photographer and videographer has an eye for fashion and aesthetics. A little known fact about Justin is that he plans to go to medical school to become a physician’s assistant to a trauma surgeon. We had the privilege of sitting down with him to talk art, culture, and relationships.

HCNSU: How would you describe yourself as a person?

Justin: I’m very low key, very laid back. I’m an introvert. I do go out, but because I’m a little older now, I guess you could say I’ve had my college fun. I would much rather chill at the house on the weekend then go out partying now.

HCNSU: How did you get into photography and videography?

Justin: I took a class my senior year of high school; I needed an elective, and I don’t know… I just stuck with it. Afterward, I saved up my money and bought a camera, and kept at it and… it just kept growing out of nowhere. It all happened so fast.

HCNSU: So where do you see yourself in five years?

Justin: I can’t give you a definite answer. I mean, there are two paths that I could take right now; I want to stay on track with medical school because I understand the value of an education, but at the same time, I‘ve had so many opportunities through my videography, as far as working with DJ Jazzy Jeff, NBA players, some big artists, and a lot of local artists as well. It just reallly depends on where my head is when I graduate in May.

HCNSU: Let’s talk about your work for a second. You have an incredible eye for aesthetics! Do you like the photography or videography aspect better?

Justin: That’s tough. On the one hand, photography is my first love, but… with me, I always want more. I can never settle for anything. I guess, it just really depends… With videos, there’s so much I can do. It’s the creative aspect with the videos, and the fact that it’s a lot more money… it’s hard to explain, but I can look back on a project and say “wow, that’s beautiful.” So I guess I love videography more.

HCNSU: Alright, now I want to talk about your style. It seems like you put a fair amount of thought into your look. Would you call yourself a fashion connoiseur?

Justin: Maybe not a connoisseur. I’m half Japanese, and I want people to understand that fashion is a big thing in Japan. My mom never let me leave the house just looking any type of way growing up.

HCNSU: Where do you like to shop?

Justin: Not in Virginia (he says laughing). A lot of the opportunities I get take me to major cities like Atlanta, New York, LA, and I’ll do my shopping there. I don’t like online shopping either; I gotta see how it feels and see how it fits, you know?

HCNSU: I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the photos of yourself on your IG are individuals. You know we gotta ask… are you single?

Justin: Oh I’m single single.

HCNSU: You were recently featured on an episode of HerTake debating the pros and cons of a FWB situation. How do you feel about relationships? Are you more of a friends with benefits type of guy? A boyfriend type? Or do you like to keep it solo dolo?

Justin: My last relationship was in 2014, and I stayed single mainly because I wanted to grow and figure out where my head was, what my goals were, and who I need to be to get where I’m going. But I think, because I’m a little older, I tend to take my relationships more seriously. I’m not trying to waste your time, I don’t need you to waste mine.

HCNSU: What do you typically look for in a partner?

Justin: I’m looking for someone who is independent. I saw a post once that said “we should raise our daughters to be somebody, not somebody’s” and I agree with that. I don’t want someone that was raised to depend on someone; I want someone that is independent, powerful, and knows her worth. Someone that respects herself.

HCNSU: So what would your advice be to someone interested in pursuing you?

Justin: Not to beat around the bush. If you’re interested in me, just say that.

Connect with Justin on IG: @_tar0