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Build A Baddie: Design Your Own Workout Regimen

So you slacked off on your New Year’s Resolution to start exercising -- so what? Every day is a new beginning. It doesn’t matter when you start, all that matters is that you DO start. Whether you’re going for the gold to get right in time for Spring Break, or pacing yourself towards the summer body you’ve been tweeting about for years; Her Campus is here to help you create the perfect workout regimen to help you reach your goal!

Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear Workshop? Well, welcome to Build A Baddie! Under each section of the body you’re looking to tone, build, or slim you will find several workouts that you can complete in the comfort of your own home!


Step 1: Let’s Begin with WHEN

Pick a set of workout days that works best with your existing schedule!

Option 1- Two Day Schedule (Ex. Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs, etc.)

Option 2-  Three Day Schedule (Ex. Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Sat, etc.)


Step 2: Let’s talk BODY

Time to create the actual workout schedule! Here are some options for you. Now please note, if I were to include instructions for every exercise listed we would be here all day. So remember that Build-A-Baddie is only a blueprint! Do some outside research to become acquainted with exercises you aren’t familiar with.


Tricep Dips ( 3x15)

Push Ups ( 3x15)

Arm Circles (3x15)



1-minute plank

2-minute crunches

2-minute side planks ( 1 minute each side)

1 minute Mountain Climbers (Repeat three times)

Leg Lift ( 3x15)

Plank Jacks



Glute Bridge (4x15)

Walking Lunge (4x15)

Quadruped Hip Extension (4x15)



Single-Leg Calf Raises ( 4x20)

Side Lunges ( 4x20)

Side Leg Raises (4x20)


Step 3: Stay Committed!

I know it seems like a lot, but when you’re sitting pretty in that bikini you’ll be thanking us. You can also modify these exercises to cater to your fitness level. Alright now 3...2..1! Let’s get snatched!!!


Diamond is a junior English major at Norfolk State University from Hampton, VA. She is an all-around creative who is specifically intrigued by neo-soul music, lyrical rap, and classic Harlem Renaissance literature. Upon graduation, Diamond hopes to teach English at underperforming schools as she pursues her dreams of becoming a renown poet, novelist, and screenwriter.
Junior political science major. Poet. Social Justice Warrior. Womanist. Health enthusiast
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