Boss Babes Heather Sanders and Brittany Turner

 I’m sure you’ve seen the giant pink wall in Los Angeles that everyone takes pictures at or people wearing Girls Tour hoodies, beanies, or tees. Well, behind that iconic #GirlsTour wall and merchandise are boss babes and super moms, Heather Sanders and Brittany Turner. 

Sorella, established in 2012, was originally based in Heather’s apartment. At first, she was just buying a few packs of clothing from the swap meet and people would come over and buy pieces from her. Heather soon met Brittany, and Brittany made awesome handmade shorts and wanted to make some for Heather. Soon after, the idea came up that Brittany should join the team and design jeans for the boutique, and was made. Sorella actually means beautiful sister in Italian and now has its own storefront in Los Angeles on Melrose.

    There was so much hard work that went into making Sorella. Their jean designs were homemade, packages were packed in their apartment, jackets were studded by hand, and so much more. Brittany and Heather had to create the site, obtain a business license, and get their way through the business industry with little to no experience. I have always been a fan of Heather, and I remember exactly when their website launched showcasing the different kinds of sunglasses, the cropped red and blue crewnecks with the matching sweatpants, and the “Gorchess” cropped t-shirts. The talented duo has come a long way and now provide items that are to die for! From their large sunglass collection, men’s line, and their unique heels; it’s safe to say that Sorella has it all. Heather and Brittany always make sure that the store is updated with the latest trends and they are always innovating the best photoshoots to promote their brand.      

 #GirlsTour is a women’s empowerment movement that is, “represented by strong women, working women, and independent women of all ages, colors, and sizes. Empowering women all over the world to not only be confident and have a vision but to also be a dope girl with style and hustle”. Not only is Sorella a fantastic store, it is a lifestyle. It’s a store that you can find an outfit for any occasion, whether you’re going to the club, brunch with friends, or you just want to look cute on a casual day. It’s even better that it’s founded by 2 amazing ladies, Heather and Brittany. It can only go up from here for these moguls! 

Head over to or visit the store at 7829 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046.