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Black Christmas Tree Becomes the New Trend

We all love the Christmas holiday, but what’s Christmas without a huge decorative tree flourishing in your home. This Christmas some residents are changing the tradition and turning their tree into the new black.While Invanka trump is spreading Chirtsmas cheer with her bloody red Christmas trees this year, their are over 9000 users posting their new black Christmas tree photos using the hashtag #blackchristmas



The real question is why did this trend suddenly become the new green during this holiday season? Design influencer, Amanda Lauren told gma, “It goes with everything, and it goes with any kind of decor, and because of real life decor has really started what’s going to look on social media. Green doesn’t always cut it. ”

Due to many traditional Christmas tree shortages across the united states, many are looking for new Christmas tress to explore. Many of these traditional trees take up to 10 years to mature  before they can actually be sold. The shortage of traditional Christmas trees has caused an increase in prices on firs, spruces and pines in some areas of the country, according to the Miami Herald.

Wayfair.com has seen nearly 2,000 searches for black Christmas trees this month alone, according to Cassetina. 

Now you may be wondering, where could you possibly get these black trending Christmas trees from. Most websites like Tretopia and Wayfair sales some of the most top knotch black Christmas trees. Tretopia also has ways you can be decorative with your Christmas tree this holiday season.

With Invanka trump’s bloody red Christmas trees and the new black trend, this Christmas shall be filled with a decor of holiday spirit for many homes across the country.

Patsy Douglas

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Patsy Douglas is currently in her Senior year at Norfolk State University, majoring in Mass Communication/General Broadcast
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