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Attack On Our Rights

Attack On Our Rights


What is happening?

A few days ago, President 45(Donald trump) had announced that he was going to rescind the the 14th Amendment. It is 2018. We have moved forward as society or we are at least trying to, but we keep hitting these icebergs that are meant to stop us. A lot of us want social change and reform, but ever since Mr. 45 has gotten into office things have been quite difficult. Many have been met with opposition and things have been heating up in the last few weeks before the congressional election.

History Refresher

Here’s a history class refresher (trust me sometimes I need those too. I’m not judging you. It’s been a minute y’all.). It was a document written after the civil war and it included rights of free slaves post-Civil War. The 14th Amendment is the document that states that no one’s right to life, liberty, or property without due process of the law, nor shall they be denied equal protection of the law. So why is he trying to deny the rights of these immigrants? I question a lot of the things he says or does so there really won’t be much of a logical answer.


What does this mean for us?

Now you ask, what does attack on our rights mean? What this means is he is trying to strip birthright citizenship from immigrants and get rid of their opportunity to have “anchor babies”. Anchor babies are children born to non-citizen parents in a country that has birthright citizenship and with the anchor babies they can easily secure legal residency or become a legal citizen. The reason he is trying to get rid of these anchor babies is because of his remarks against immigrants, Latino immigrants in particular are his main targets. If any of you watched at least one of his speeches before he slid into the oval office you saw how he called Mexican immigrants rapists, animals, thugs, and other dehumanizing words. I know that the dehumanization of Latino immigrants is not new to us at all, but it has seemed to worsen with him leading the pack or cult as I call them. The president’s disdain and the way he speaks of these immigrants is disgusting and you can see that he has a deep-rooted hatred for Latino immigrants in particular. We all know that when he is trash talking immigrants it is directed at the Latino immigrants. Why does he hate this group of people so much? They contribute to society and and help this capitalism thrive. That’s what you want the citizens to do right? I’m trying to find his problem. His supporters hang on his every word and his words have now called for violence. If anyone is a terrorist, it’s him and his supporters.

Some Good News

On a positive note he cannot do this or he at least can’t right now. In order for him to amend anything it must go through congress. Luckily all of these seats are up for election. If we go out and vote ( I know you’ve heard this a million times. Now you’re going to hear it for millionth and one time.) we can overturn the house and senate. If you are going to vote blue then you need to get as many people to vote. With a house and senate of majority democrat the race can be won and some of this turmoil can be controlled and Mr. 45 won’t be talking out his neck so much. The democrats would block everything that goes against the rights of anyone. Now if we sit on the couch during election and don’t go out and vote then chaos would ensue. Many republican candidates do not support immigrant rights and some in particular have referred to them as “illegals”. I’m pretty sure they are more likely to vote yes.

Why Should I care, sis.

Alright let me break this down for you. Just because it may not pertain to you or affect you now, it might affect you later. If you are a minority then you could be next on the hit list. He’s already spoken about his disrespect for women and he’s said some questionable remarks about black people. Don’t forget his Muslim ban as well. The list goes on, but this article would be way too long. I’m going to leave you to marinate on this quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -Martin Luther King Jr

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