Accessories to Make Your Hairstyles Pop All Spring 2019

It’s 2019, whether you're naturally curly, in a protective style or are rocking your hair bone straight -- there’s always a way to make your hairstyle “pop”! Here are some hair products you should try to make your hairstyles pop on Instagram and in real life.

Rhinestone Hair Pins - Rhinestone hairpins have been a big wave for spring 2019. Why? Because these hairpins use the rhinestones to spell out words making it easy to make a statement without saying anything. These hairpins have been featured in NYFW, as well as in many music artists' wardrobes.

Colored Hair Wax - Colored hair wax has been big for people who do not want to commit to bleaching or dyeing their hair. Top Crave is an Instagram based company and they sell an assortment of colors such as blue, red, pink, gold, white, silver, purple, and green. The best thing about these is the fact that they can be mixed for different looks and they work on all hair types.

Tiny Hair Rings - These tiny rings mainly pertain to styles like braids, twists, faux locs, etc. They can be the most subtle accessories, which makes them wearable in a business setting without being distracting or simply too extra.

Bobby pins with a Pop of Color – Whether they’re gold, pastel, or neon for slime szn, they are definitely going to pop with the right outfit. These pins can make the most laziest outfits go from bummy to baddie in a heartbeat. Put them in a cute pattern or in a neat visible row and you're good to go.

Scarves & Headwraps- Scarves and headwraps can be both cute and a savior at the same time. Let’s be honest, sometimes bad hair days happen or we simply just don’t feel like doing it, but scarves and/or headwraps can save the day. There are many different patterns and ways that they can be wrapped and twisted and tucked which makes them the most unique on this list.

The PuffCuff: The PuffCuff is a product that saves your hair from the downfalls of hair ties. The PuffCuff is essentially a hair clip that creates the perfect hair puff without causing headaches or creating hair breakage. This product has personally saved my 3c/4a hair in so many ways including the struggle of making my puffs slick down. They come in four sizes micro, mini, junior, and original and they come in black and clear. Another great thing to note is that this is a women-owned, black-owned brand.

The Slap Cap: The “Slaps” stands for “Satin Lined Caps” and they are satin lined beanies from Grace Eleye which is both a brand and a person. This is yet another women-owned, black-owned brand and she sells more than just satin lined beanies but she also sells satin lined baseball hats, scrunchies, pillowcases, and more. Her satin lined caps are great because they protect your hair from become dry and brittle opposed to regular cotton beanies or hats. This is beneficial for ALL hair types, not just curly girls.