5 Ways to De-Stress Yourself for Midterm Mayhem

Spring Break is fast approaching, and that means there is still a few more weeks until the dreading midterms that separate us from a well deserved week-long vacation. But not to worry ( or better yet, stress out) Stress can make things more difficult when it comes to trying to study during that 2-3 hour time period as well as emotionally and physically draining your body. This is not the real way to get that “A” on your midterms, so here 5 ways you can de-stress just in time for midterms and also incorporate into your daily lifestyle.  

Drink Tea, Not Tears

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Drinking a nice warm (or piping hot) cup of tea can be, in my opinion, a great method of relaxation. Brewing your own favorite blend before studying and being able to feel the warmth and flavor throughout your body can be a very satisfying feeling. Flavors like Chamomile, lemon honey, peppermint, are a few very popular blends that are well known for their relaxing effects.



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Getting into your “zen” around midterms is another great way to let all of your problems fall by the warrior pose. When you loosen up your body and have time to clear your state of mind of all the deadlines and papercuts, you give yourself that inner peace to unwind and regain a more broadened perspectives. Plus, you can so feel better about yourself which makes tackling any obstacles a lot easier even after midterms.


Have a Self Pep Talk

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Have a well-needed conversation with yourself. Your academics are important but as important as your health; your sleep, mental health, and even your eating habits- you can’t ace your midterms if you’re not at the top of your game! Letting yourself know that you can get through the long hours of doing that dreaded research paper and completing that practice exam.


Listen to Music

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No collegiette would want to sit in a study room or dorm by themselves that is considered to being boring and dreary. Listening to music can help you focus to stay on track and can even take your mind off of the things around you, depending on what you may be listening to. Many playlists on certain apps like Spotify or Pandora can also cater to listening to relaxing music and even instrumentals of songs you may listen to on a daily basis.


Give Yourself Some Fun Time

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All work and no play makes for unhealthy and uncoordinated college students. So balance out how hard your work when it comes to studying for your midterms while incorporating some well-needed fun into your lifestyle whether it be by yourself or with your girl squad. Balance out your books with romcom movie nights or that well-needed dose of Starbucks. Nothing is wrong with giving yourself a break and going back feeling revitalized and refreshed so you’re sure ready to tackle down your midterm deadlines.