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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

October is finally here, and Halloween is quickly approaching! While some college students have retired from trick or treating by the time they walk on campus, there are still many ways to stay in the Halloween spirit. One of the easiest ways to get into the spooky season is just by decking out your dorm with Halloween decor. Putting some bewitching touches on your cozy home away from home with these 5 dorm decor ideas is the perfect thing to make Halloween worth celebrating early.



Boo Non-Slip Doormat


Give yourself and others a spell of spooky sarcasm as you use this Boo. Non-Slip Doormat ($30). Ghost may be fictional, but this doormat will bring quite the “fright” and some accent to your college dorm with the Halloween-like color scheme. 

Creepy Bats Wall Decal Stickers


You don’t have to be Batman to place these 3D Creepy Bats Wall Decal Stickers ($9) on a smooth surface. The decal stickers come in a pack of 28 so you can make your dorm as batty as you wish.

LED Pumpkin String Lights


Nothing as cute and slightly creepy can compare to having these LED Pumpkin String Lights ($14) which come equipped with remote control and timer.

Jack Skellington Coffee Mug


Nothing can be better than having a sip of warm apple cider from the head of the Pumpkin King himself! This Jack Skellington Mug($15) is great for having your coffee before your 8 o’clock lecture or just hauntingly rewatching The Nightmare Before Christmas on a cozy weekend.

LED Crystal Ball and Skeleton Hand 


I see good grades and success in your future. Although this creepy, yet mesmerizing LED Crystal Ball and Skeleton Hand Light ($20) may not predict how your next year in college will be, but this will definitely be a great addition to your dorm just in time to “look into” that Halloween spirit 


You don’t have to be a Sanderson Sister to let these 6  Halloween decorations bring your dorm to life. You can always make room for pumpkin lights or bat wall stickers that will make your dorm the most haunting in town (Well, at least on your floor)!


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