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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

We seem to be in an odd era of dating, and quite frankly its disturbing. Situationships; (sort of dating, with no real titles involved), happily single, or interested in someone. If you fit in one those categories and you are thinking of giving up the cookie, the goods,doing the nasty, or what have you take some time to think things over.You may need to slow your roll if your love interest isn’t playing their role.


Are they courting you? 

I’m sure you may have heard these timeless words come from the mouth of the oldest and wisest in the your family  “let them buy you dinner before. . .” The fact of the matter is,we live in a “Netflix and Chill” era. Many of college relationships begin in a dorm room due to lack of creativity and the overabundance of laziness. If The only thing you and your love interest do is sit in a dark room, watch movies, eat horrible takeout and make out RUN.


Are they make excuses about not contacting you?

Look, if they take 8 hours to text you something simple as “hey” or “wyd”, they just might not be into you. OK, there are some exceptions if they work or go to school. Those exceptions are only valid if they let you know that they are going to be busy prior. You shouldn’t give anyone access to your body if they can’t even text you back or show little interest. If you are the one ALWAYS texting first, then that is a problem. 


Are they matching your effort?

If you are making an effort to build a long lasting bond, but they are not  doing the same, then you are wasting your energy on someone that does not care. Reciprocity is essential in all new relationships. During the beginning stages of a relationships your time and effort should be matched. The effort that they put in to getting to know you will show you what their intentions are. If you feel that your effort isn’t matched, don’t give up the cookie. What you need to do is run for the hills.


Is sex their favorite conversation topic?

Sex is obviously an easy way to connect with someone, but it is not the only way to create connection. As tempting as a creating this connection may be, a genuine connection can be made through conversation. If your love interest doesn’t even know your favorite food then they aren’t making an effort to get to know you. Not making an effort to get to know you is a sign that your love interest only wants you for what you can offer physically. If all your conversations revolve around sex, abort mission.


if your bae fits this description then it’s time to wipe your hands and get a new one. Period.


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