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5 looks for Christmas day festivities

 It’s time to pick out what you want to wear to your living room to stunt on the rest of the family. I know it’s not December 25th just yet, but as soon as Thanksgiving passes, it’s time to hang up the mistletoe, the Christmas lights, put up the Christmas tree, and maybe drink a little eggnog. If you’re a little indecisive on what you want to wear for Christmas then i’ve got you covered!


Little Red Dress — If you’re trying to flex on all your cousins and shady aunts then you can’t go wrong with a red form fitting dress, a red lip to match, stud earrings, and black shoes if you don’t want to be too matchy. Red is a signature color for Christmas and you’ll look like you’re in the holiday spirit, but you’ll also look flawless, especially in that fire red dress. You better weeerkkkk.  


Oversized button up —  You don’t always have to wear red on Christmas. Another color you could do is white and I know what you’re going to say “no white after labor day”. Honestly, when is it ever the right time to wear all white? Anyways, a cute button up white shirt dress with a red or green belt, with red shoes to match, paired with some gold hoops, and a neutral lippie. If you have trouble finding one in the women’s section then just go to the men’s section. They’ll have tons of them and they’ll be cheaper as well. A look sis.


Disco Disco! — A sparkly disco ball jumpsuit. This is is for of you’re feeling bold in the living room or maybe you’re actually going out somewhere on Christmas and you want to light up the room. The sparkly jumpsuit will make you stand out in any room and people will know that you know exude confidence just off the strength that you dared to be original. Pair that sparkly jumpsuit with some stiletto heeled boots and a bold lippie, preferably a purple or a poppin pink. You’ll be the life of the party and shine like a star. Literally.  


Stay Cozy — “A hoe neva gets cold” is a myth this winter, because we’re predicted to have a very rough winter. You don’t want to be out here sick. A look you can do while also being cute, but warm at the same time is a cozy faux fur bubble jacket, dark wash jeans, white heeled boots, a bold dark lip, such as a cranberry or ruby red, and a black sweater. You’ll look stylish, but you also won’t catch pneumonia. HELLO!



The Ugly Sweater — The ugly Christmas sweater! Honestly, what is Christmas without ugly sweaters? Not a Christmas that I would like to know. The ugly sweaters are a sacred tradition and shall be recognized. Period. Pair the sweater with a red santa hat or reindeer ears, some dark wash jeans, black boots, a red lip or clear gloss, and Christmas themed nails.



Now let’s roast some chestnuts on an open fire, but make it stylish.

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