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Whether you are an anxious incoming freshman or a senior struggling with senioritis, managing the stresses of college is important. We all have procrastinated and done assignments the night before, put off studying for a party, or even studied too much where we were unable to get enough sleep for the next day. College has many obstacles and if not managed well a student’s mental health may decline. This article will give you ten tips to manage your mental health in college.

1. Do NOT Procrastinate We sometimes hear people say, “I work well under pressure” and that may be true but doing your assignments as soon as they are assigned will eliminate so much stress. College is all about multitasking. Don’t let all of your work pile up on top of you.

2. Eat  If you have time to make yourself a nice breakfast or simply grab a granola bar, do so. Eat something! Food will give you the energy to continue throughout the day, eliminate head or stomachaches, and overall relieve your “hangry” mood. 

3. Support System There will be times in college where you may feel alone or feel as though nobody understands you. Make sure that you have a support system of genuine friends, professors, and advisors that can guide you through your college career. 

4. Take a Break Spring, summer, fall, and winter means breaks time. Utilize breaks to recharge your battery. Have some fun time with friends and family. 

5. Sleep Take quick naps in between classes, and at night try your best to get seven to nine hours of sleep. There is no way anybody can properly function throughout the day on three hours of sleep without crashing sooner or later.   6. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol People will try to persuade you into thinking drugs and alcohol will give you the boost that you need, but in reality, it is a poor way to cope with stress.

7. Social Life College is not just work, but also meeting new people. Joining organizations and going to campus events will help manage stress as well.

8. Workout A simple walk around campus or taking a trip to the university’s gym can definitely help you to manage any stress that you have. Working out will pump up your brain’s endorphins.

9. Take It Day by Day College can sometimes feel like everything is happening all at once. From mounds of assignments to planning social events, remember you are only one person. Pace yourself and set realistic expectations for yourself.

10. Journal If at any time you are feeling down and out, and everyone seems as though they are busy. Pick up a journal and write your feelings out. Do not hold them in because that will increase your stress. Whenever you are in your feelings began to write.  

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