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Your Guide to Your Nottingham University Week One Reps

When you arrive at University on your first day you are destined to meet a completely new group of people from all different backgrounds. You will also meet a group of brightly dressed second years who will be your surrogate parents for the week and possibly even for the year. Week One Reps are your first point of call when times get tough and they are very helpful so it’s a wise idea to make the most of their presence. It’s an extremely difficult role to take on but it’s so beneficial to the freshers that it’s worth every sleepless night.


The Week One Reps will provide you with a wristband – which is basically your access-all-areas pass for the week – and they will sell you tickets for upcoming events which is the perfect way to meet people and get involved. There’s so much going on every night, from comedy shows to nights out dressed as schoolgirls, all arranged by the Students Union and more specifically, the Week One Executive team and Reps!



The Week One team not only organise the fun of Freshers Week but they also are very useful when you are in need of advice, even if it’s just directions to your introductory lecture. My piece of advice would be to listen to their advice; they are second years, they know best!


Lastly I would suggest remembering that everyone is in the same boat. All you can do now is find your hall, meet your Week One Reps, collect your wristbands and Freshers Pack and get stuck into life as a first year at Uni! It’s also a good idea to buy a hall t-shirt quickly because you don’t want to be that girl squeezing into an X Small when the Medium have all run out.


Week One Reps will direct you every step of the way as to where you’re meant to be and when. They will be your source of knowledge and help you get to where you want to be. Everyone will get a little lost so don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

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