Wonder Woman: A Long-Awaited Superhero

I’ve just returned from watching the newly released superhero film Wonder Woman by DC comics. There’s been criticism over the film despite the glowing reviews and 97% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. A cinema screening offered a women’s only viewing to the superhero flick, causing outrage amongst certain individuals who viewed it as an example of unequal rights being displayed for female benefit. Regardless of this critique, the film’s message and main character should not be trampled on as it is a film that entertainment has needed for far too long.

Why? You may ask. Well firstly, she’s extremely empowering. While films such as the Avengers and Thor have produced representations of women as strong figures who don’t spend the majority of the film swooning over the male lead, they still don’t provide a female character that young women can completely look up to. Wonder Woman does just that. She’s smart, powerful and is extremely handy with a lasso. It’s great to witness a character who doesn’t spend the majority of the movie focusing on a man but kicking butt and doing it extremely well.

It places itself into history. The message is even more necessary when placed within the context of a very different culture. The film is set during World War 1 during Germany’s surrender and the Allies victory. The importance of which is key as it displays the very different gender norms that the period followed and dismantles each one. With a pivotal point involving Wonder Woman and the No-man’s land. The idea that the film shows gender inequality is laughable when viewed through the lens of this clip and the context of the time.

The action shots are intense. I’ve never been a part of any martial arts classes but bloody hell the moves were intense in Wonder Woman. She can officially kick butt throughout the film and because of this I am now very much in the mood to protect myself from anyone disturbing my own peace, but obviously making sure I don’t cause damage. A powerful message for an audience who may consider themselves weak, this definitely proves otherwise.

It isn’t a cliché. It doesn’t follow the usual superhero plot. The woman doesn’t fall madly in love with the hero and run away with them abandoning their life while they are whisked away into the sun. This message is too boring and too overused. Wonder Woman strays from this norm and creates its own powerful plot that leaves any gender feeling strong and worthy. A change in plot that is definitely needed.

This film does an amazing job at creating a movie that delivers a powerful message. A message to young people that no matter who they are they can achieve whatever they want to. A message that needs to be repeated more for the future generation.

Edited by Susan Akyeampong