Why it's time to stop hating on the Kardashians

Reality-TV’s first family are no strangers to unflattering headlines, for example:

Nor are they strangers to tough questions. Whether it’s questioning how genuine Caitlyn’s transition was; accusing Kylie of racial misappropriation, or the question on everyone’s mind – Is Khloe’s bum real? Seriously, is this naturally possible?!

Anyway, I digress. You’re probably reading this because you think you hate the Kardashians: they have no talents; they’re famous because of Kim’s sex tape; they’re vacuous or as Janice Dickinson so articulately put it: "Kim Kar-trashian? Sluts, whores and sluts. That's what they are." 

Yes, back in the day, Kim’s sex tape was released – arguably without her permission. Since when in the 21st century, would we kick down a victim of revenge porn. And, she made an unfortunate situation work in her favour. We can say what we want about Kim but she’s seriously business savvy. Irritability aside, she does make a decent living out of selling games, books, perfumes and clothes about herself by being herself. Is that not a talent in itself? Give credit where credit is due.

Since when does loving makeup, clothes – and being able to afford them – make someone vacuous? Hating on celebrity women is something so imbedded in our culture. And yet funnily enough, if we saw the same messages people leave on their Twitter and Instagram pages on OUR friends’ social media – it would be totally unacceptable. In response to these messages (including Janice’s pearls of insightful wisdom), to suggest having sex or wearing revealing clothes makes a woman a ‘whore’, is the kind of outdated prejudice that creates internalised misogyny and sexism in our culture.

Kardashian or not, we should never stand for this.