Why It's So Much Better to be Single on Valentine's Day

Ah, that time of year again: heart balloons in shop windows, the incoming bombardment of 2-for-1 short break packages and Instagram pics boasting gifted flowers. Brilliant. If you’re without a partner, then the not-so-subtle reminder that you’re alone can be slightly depressing. Valentine's is a highly exclusive holiday that we singletons are strictly not invited to and, above all, when you are not in a relationship, the coupley lovey-dovey stuff is just a little bit gross. (No, not bitter at all…)

You can call me cynical all you like, but today I'm laying out the best parts of being a single pringle when February 14th rolls around. Buckle your seatbelts because there are quite a few...


Without a care in the world about prepping and grooming yourself, there’s no need to shave your legs - or even shower for that matter. This means that is it optimum time to do you. There’s no need to spend the day moping around mourning the absence of a special guy/girl in your life because YOU yourself are a special girl/guy. Why not rebrand this day of love and appreciation as a day of self-love and self-appreciation. 2. NO FUSS

Every restaurant and cinema is pretty much fully booked by now, but the joke's on them. Whilst others are rushing to get a last minute reservation or ticket to the theatre, you're living life to the full and dancing around to Destiny's Child. We should simply celebrate not having to celebrate Valentine’s Day.3. QUALITY GIRL TIME

As pinned by the legend that is Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation, Galentine's Day is on its way to becoming an official holiday (just give it time). On this day, all the gals unite to appreciate and celebrate each other. Chick flicks, wine and dancing to Spice Girls. You could even send each other cards to show your love for each other.


PJs, trackies, wrapped up, bra off, hair up, hair down - whatever your lounging style, do it well. Do it for the girls in high-heels and tight dresses and Spanx sitting across from the lad they fancy trying to each spaghetti elegantly.


Quality time with the true love of anybody’s life: FOOD. Feast your way to contentment. Whether your man of romantic choice is Ben, Jerry, Mr Häagen-Dazs or simply good old own-brand soft scoop, ice cream is always a winner. Go wild.


Equally, you could instead get dressed up and head on out if you fancy it. So you don't technically have a date…so what? Put on that red lipstick and break some hearts girl.7. SHOP SHOP SHOP

This is important. Without the need to splash the cash on fancy dinner dates or presents, the art of self-gifting is key and, on this holiday, also completely justifiable. Don't let this opportunity slip you by and seize February’s excuse to treat yo' self. Treat yourself as the queen you are.


February 15th. Put the date in your calendar and label it as the day of chocolate. We think that the-powers-that-be should officially make it a bank holiday. It is this date that we give thanks for the many supermarkets across the nation trying to get rid of obsolete heart-shaped chocolate boxes, food hampers and fancy bottles of fizz. *Please note: This is a brilliant but rare event to get your hands on a lot of chocolately goods on the cheap, with Easter eggs and advent calendars being the only other notable occasions. Advantage should definitely be taken.* So there you have it. No more need to hate on the holiday or to exclaim: "oh well, there's always next year!". A message to all the single ladies: you simply do not need an other half because you, my dear, are not a half.


Edited by Naomi Upton

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