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Why I Love…Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is one of the most culturally rich and interesting cities you will ever visit. A lot of people would only think about the White House, but all the museums, monuments and parks make the city truly enchanting.

1 – There are loads of cheap, but amazing value hostels! One place I stayed in was called Duo Housing and I got unexpected but totally amazing complementary breakfast pancakes which was an amazing opportunity to get to know other guests staying in the hostel.

2 – The National Mall is huge – a million times bigger than you would picture it to be. Filled with memorials to WWII, Martin Luther King and Vietnam Veterans as well as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington monument which take hours to just view in themselves. Flanked by Smithsonian museums that are all free to enter, and packed to the brim with exhibits and information that keeps you hooked for days, not just hours.

3 – My personal highlight was the new National Museum of African American History and Culture which I was incredibly lucky to be able to get into given how busy it is. Tickets have to be booked in advance online even though entry is free. The layout of this museum is a journey through time that is harrowing, angering, and enlightening. Passion and purpose is threaded throughout and I could not recommend it more to anyone and everyone who goes to D.C.

4 – The White House and the U.S. Capitol building are obvious sights on everyone’s bucket list so obviously you have to go and see those, they are as iconic as you would imagine them to be.

5 – Finally, history is everywhere. In the names of streets (Hamilton avenue had me nearly crying with joy – I’m a big Hamilton nerd), in the parks, in the buildings. Everywhere seems to be historically important, and for that reason you never get tired walking around. No time will be long enough.


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Jane Garcia

Sonoma '22

Sophomore psychology major who attends Sonoma State. 
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