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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: “How is she gonna manage to write a whole article just on belts?”, am I right? If so, you NEED to look past the idea that their only role is to hold your jeans up. Let me explain…

One fab way to use a belt is to choose one that encompasses all the different shades and colours of your outfit to pull it together. As we’re entering autumn, browns, creams and copper colours are all over the shop (pun absolutely intended) so the likelihood that you’ll find yourself dressed head to toe in leafy hues is high. Of course, this looks fab as it is, but by adding a smidge of leopard print which is made up of all these colours, the outfit just gets that extra edge. Hmmmm, now how could we add a hint of leopard print which won’t cost too much or overpower the outfit? That’s right…A BELT!!!!! Loop it around your rusty coloured corduroy mini or sinch in a creamy jumper dress to get this look. Primark currently have one for £3 but most highstreet stores have created their own versions for not much more.

Belt: New Look £5.99

Alternatively, you could raid your mum’s sewing box at home and try tying patterned ribbon, bits of material or even scarves around your outfits. This achieves the same effect without an extra trip to the shops which will inevitably end up in you buying that dress you’ve been deliberating over for ages but don’t really need. Come on, we’re trying to be savvy here! 

All the ASOS stylists have done here is tie a simple shoe lace through the belt loops of these trousers but it perfectly pulls in the colours from the top and completes the look.

Recently, more and more belt bags have been popping up in shops. Kind of like a bum bag but much sleeker, these belts are perfect for festivals or nights out when you want to dance hands free (or hands full of VKs) and don’t want to be strangled by your cross body bag when your moves get a bit too energetic. These items can be a little more expensive but you’re getting a bag and a belt for the price of one so overall this must work out cheaper, surely? And most shops have student discount these days so really you’ll be saving money!

Belt: ASOS £16

Belts are also a really easy way to glam up a plain outfit for any dressier events you may be attending over Christmas. Most of you probably already have plain black dress, jumpsuit or something similar in your wardrobe, so why not try adding some glitz to it with a belt like this one from Missguided (£12)? (TOP TIP: if you’re ordering online, most retailers offer free delivery over a certain price. As belts are usually cheap and won’t qualify for this, fill up your basket with other items to get free delivery and then send everything but the belt back using the free returns service! That way the £4.99 delivery charge won’t leave your belt hopes and dreams in jeopardy).

Belt: Missguided £12

So there you have it, belts are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a bit of extra style to your wardrobe this winter!