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What the Working Man Wants: Four Men’s Guide to Post-Uni Relationships

PROCEED WITH CAUTION – debatably sexist content ahead!

With another year of graduates looming and the imminent possibility of proceeding into the workplace, we’ve begun to turn our thoughts towards the balance between personal life and work life. Men are notorious for maturing later than women, and the leap between ‘University boy’ and ‘working man’ is one of the biggest developments they can make along the adulthood spectrum. It therefore makes sense that, coming from an environment in which gender equality is enforced, men should have matured enough to treat women decently both in and out of the workplace. Or does it?

We decided to investigate exactly what the perspective of the working man is surrounding women and relationships, asking them for their advice to our female postgrads on entering relationships in the future surrounding the personal/work life balance. Here’s what they had to say…


What do you look for in a girl?Man A: Friendly, good sense of humour, kind, charitable, atheist!… Big boobs, sorry.Man B: I’m more of an arse man myself.Man C: A bit of elegance. You don’t want a slag…Man D: Yeah, if you’re looking for the wifey. And a great arse.Man B: But classy too.


Is it important that in a relationship you share the same work ethic and career interests?

Man A: Not at all.Man D: No, I’m more of a traditionalist. It would be nice if she’d stay at home and take care of that side of things.Man B: Bit harsh. I like to think I’d support her in whatever she wanted to do.Man C: I like a woman with drive, myself.


How often do you have date nights? What factors impact spending time with your partner?Man B: Well, whenever she doesn’t have a headache…Man C: So long as there’s food involved.Man B: How much effort is involved is a big factor for me.Man C: Yeah it’s alright if it’s staying in, nice dinner, movie maybe-Man B: Yeah you don’t want to go out and do the big dinner and drinks too often.Man A: Financial costs stop us, we go out very rarely.Man D: Money has to be the biggest factor.


What is the most off-putting thing a woman can do in relation to your work life?

Man A: Interfere with progress in the job.Man D: Yeah, often she’ll try and get involved but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.Man B: It’s more when she nags me cause I work too much.Man C: Yeah or she assumes you’re having an affair.Man B: Oh definitely. As soon as she sees another woman in the office then you must be having an affair with her.Man C: You just have to work late sometimes, it doesn’t mean you’re getting off with the secretary.Man A: Then they get panicked and continually ring you at work!Man D: That is the worst, for sure.


Are there any careers would be a no-go zone in a girl you were dating? ie. any careers that would put you off?Man B: Hooker. Pornstar.

Man C: Like that ‘Call Girl’ show! Yeah, none of that.Man B: Got to be that really.Man C: Or security guard or bouncer or something. Not very… womanly I guess would be the world?Man D: Yeah not great. I don’t think I’d like it if she was higher than me in the same company.

Man C: Insecure much?Man D: It would just be awkward.

Man A: I don’t think any would put me off as such. I am having the relationship with the girl, not her job.



Is there a career that you would find particularly attractive for a woman to have?Man B: Teacher.HC Reporter: Any particular reason for that?

Man B: Dunno. Just seem to like teachers. Maybe not a teacher.

Man A: Not really bothered, so long as she is happy.Man D: Something in child care? Means she’s more nurturing?

Man B: More nurturing?

Man D: Well she’d look after ya.

Man B: Might mean she wants a family quick though.Man C: I don’t know. I agree with Man A, so long as she’s happy then I am.


Office romance – yes or no? And why?Man D: No, my wife might find out.Man C: Low, haha!Man D: What?! Well if it’s a randomer off the street then she’s far less likely to find out!Man B: Yeah… as long as it’s not a friends with benefits type thing. I can’t be dealing with that. If it’s a relationship then it’s alright, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my work.

Man A: Yes, why not?  So long as the job gets done and the work and home life isn’t affected.Man C: No chance. There’s a reason they say don’t mix business and pleasure.


Any advice you would give to a single girl in a male-dominated field?

Man A: Don’t try to be one of the lads, be an equal and stay part of the team.Man D: Why not be a bit flirty to try and get to know the guys better. Feminine wiles always work.

Man A: But don’t wear low cut tops, short skirts – it’s distracting.Man B: I’m gonna get deep, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. Just get stuck in there.Man C: Yeah, don’t be intimidated.

Man D: Confidence is important.Man C: If you’re confident then it makes things a hell of a lot easier. You’ll be there cause you deserve to be whether you’re a guy or a girl


So there you have it; the opinion of four men in suits, working in a male-dominated field and office. They may not have much reason, and may have caused offense to some (we are assured that they are wholeheartedly apologetic if that is the case), but this is the wisdom they have chosen to impart.

Girls, good luck after graduation!






Edited by Nicole Jones

Raised in Oxford and currently an English student at Nottingham University with a passion for writing.
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