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This week I am embodying a travel blogger, I spent three days in Budapest for my boyfriend’s 21st. Obviously, I am now a Budapest local. I know everything you need to know. I hold the key to Budapest’s secrets. Not only am I Mrs World Wide but I am also now the best girlfriend in the WORLD! However, this did come at a small cost of £600. Some would say crazy, but I would say 100% worth it. Budapest that is. Being the best girlfriend in the world will not last long, I am sure. 

Disclaimer: I am not actually a professional traveller; I may give you some good advice on what to do but I can guarantee I will most definitely give you plenty of advice on what NOT to do.


We were booked to fly Wednesday the 9th. Obviously, I was oblivious to this even though I made the booking. I am forever grateful for Ryanair notifications. Now aware that we are taking off in less than 24 hours, you’d think we would drop everything, get packing and be on our way. WRONG. That would be too organised and too easy. Instead, I went to my holy grail nail appointment (which is more difficult to secure than a crisis ticket. Girls you know the struggle!) whilst my boyfriend went and got his unnecessary weekly haircut. Both with no urgency whatsoever sat through our pamper appointments. I always go for some sort of design, I always sit in the chair nattering away, and I always spend a minimum of two hours there. So, looking back even I am unsure as to why I thought getting my nails done was a good idea. On the other hand, my boyfriend like many other boys I am sure is calm, casual and gets out of his appointment within 20 minutes. He had all the time in the world to go pack his three pairs of socks, three pairs of pants, one evening outfit and one day outfit. Light packing and light work for the four-day trip. Whilst I left myself 30 of the fastest minutes in my life to pack: 30 pants, 30 socks, 101 outfit options, all the makeup in the world that I don’t wear and won’t wear, almost empty perfume bottles, my five-step skincare regime and every other unnecessary item you could ever think of. One thing I did get right this trip was a 20kg suitcase for a 4-day stay and two carry-on bags. Some people would fill the carry-on with electronics and sweets for the flight; both mine and my boyfriends were filled with even more potential outfit options for the trip. You can’t waste any space on the important stuff. Once all the bags were overweight and bursting at the seams, I was all ready to go. 

We left for the airport 3 hours before our flight, it is an hour’s drive via the M25 which is as likely to happen as a female orgasm. It in fact took us an hour and 30 minutes which was extremely lucky, especially with the passionate oil protesters climbing onto the motorway and causing havoc. If we had come to face with one, I’m sure we would have made it to the airport by the end of the week. 

We arrived, parked the car, got the transfer and walked through departures with just 1 hour 20 to spare. This may seem completely fine to some of you pro travellers, or those with fast passes and priority. However, to the skint student, it was squeaky bumhole time. Travel extras were not in the budget. 1 hour 20 to check in bags, get through security and make it to the gate seemed impossible. But laid-back boyfriend with no rush about him kept telling me to “just chill, we will make it.” “Told you so” followed soon after. We did in fact make it with time to spare. Annoyed he was right but relieved we didn’t miss take off.

Up, up and away.

Disclaimer 2: This was supposed to be a blog about all my fun times in Budapest. But as you can tell, not a lot goes to plan in my life. But somehow it always ends with a huge smile. I have really enjoyed reflecting on the chaos of my time away and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I got a bit carried away only covering the first few hours of the trip but I didn’t want to spare you the details. I think my Budapest stories would fill a whole book, so I thought it appropriate to not write the longest blog ever! If you enjoyed this blog maybe I can share more stories with you in the weeks to come.

Potential Part 2 

The impossible hunt for an adapter in Budapest. I wouldn’t recommend ever forgetting one. 

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