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What to Expect When Travelling with Your Best Friend

Would you travel with your partner-in-crime?

Travelling with friends always seems to come under great debate and while you might be super close, travelling with someone can be a whole other world. But here are 6 reasons why going travelling with your best friend will be the best decision you ever make:

1. You get lots of great pictures

Each of you is like the other’s personal photographer and you don’t mind taking 101 pictures of the other until you get that perfect shot. Plus, you have each other’s help coming up with witty captions for your Instagram and Snapchat stories.

2. You end up with so many inside jokes and crazy stories

Travelling is a crazy adventure no matter where you are, but along the way some mishaps are inevitable and in the end they’ll come out as hilarious and stories that you’ll still be laughing at years later.

3. You know when to give each other space

You guys have an endless number of things to talk about, but it doesn’t matter if you want some time to just chill and listen to music or need some time on your own, you know you’ll be back to chatting up a storm in no time.

4. You know how to compromise

Maybe you’re a big history buff and she’s not, or her favourite food is sushi and you can’t stand the smell of fish, but you always find a way to work it out so you both have a great time.

5. You can pack so much lighter as sharing is caring!

I mean let’s be real, at home you probably do it all the time so why not on vacation as well? You can bring the hair straighter and she can bring the toothpaste and not only does it make your bags lighter, but it means you’ll have more room to bring home souvenirs and other shopping.

6. A problem shared is a problem halved – the boring job of planning is a lot easier when there are two of you

Whether you’re into planning all the details of your trip down to the minute or more interested in just figuring things out as you go along, you know you’ll be able to work together to plan a great trip and no matter what happens you have each other to rely on.

So, pack your bags – you are going to have an amazing time!


Edited by: Tia Ralhan


Caity Lee

Nottingham '19

Caity is currently an exchange student at the University of Nottingham (UK) where she is completing her third year in law and legal studies. She is originally from just outside of Toronto, Ontario and while one of her favourite words is in fact "eh," she can't speak French very well or play ice hockey.
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