What to do When the Post-Travel Blues Hit

Going away on vacation can be an exciting and eye opening experience, and while it seems like coming home afterwards should be the easy part. But, in reality, it can sometimes be the most challenging. After a holiday, many people experience what is called 'post-travel blues' or a 'vacation hangover'. Essentially, post travel blues it is a feeling of sadness which can result in tiredness, a loss of appetite and strong feelings of nostalgia.

When you come back from a vacation, it’s fairly normal to start comparing your recent experiences to home and this can make home seem a bit boring. While on vacation you were able to be completely spontaneous and had the freedom to do as you please with little or no responsibility other than having fun and travelling naturally pushes people outside their comfort zones, so settling back into your normal routine can be quite difficult.

So here are a few ideas to help you through the travel blues:

1. Take up a new interest

You probably spent a fair bit of time trying new things while you were away so why not translate that into something at home? Try out some language classes of the place you just visited or a new activity to get you out of your comfort zone again.

2. Do something crafty with things that you bought on your trip and your photos

This can be a great project to do on your own or if you went away with friends, something you all can get together again to do. Spend an afternoon making collages of your photos or come up with a creative way to display the snow globes or other souvenirs you bought.

3. Spend time with family and friends

Spending time with those closest to you is one of the best ways to help adjust back into regular life. Not only is it a way to have some fun but it also gives you the chance to reconnect with them, especially if you’ve been gone a long time.

4. Get some proper sleep!

Travelling can take a lot out of you but when you’re having fun it can sometimes distract you from how tired you really are so make sure when you get back you give yourself some time to rest.

5. Start thinking about your next trip

While your are still in the mindset of travelling, this is the perfect time to start thinking about where you might want to go next! So start brainstorming and putting away some money for the next trip. Not only is it fun but it will give you a goal and something positive to focus on in the future.