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Ways to Unwind After a Day of Revision

Revising for upcoming exams can be exhausting and mentally draining. I’m sure most of you are currently feeling a lot of pressure and want to continue working into the early hours of the morning (we’ve all been there). However, I believe it’s important to put aside a few hours each evening to unwind. Your mental health should always come first! I’ve put together a few of my favourite ways to relax and focus on something other than exams in the evenings…




Baking can be really therapeutic and whatever you bake will come in handy for revision snacks! My go-to baking recipe at the moment is a banana loaf which is made of oats, almond milk and ripe bananas – healthy and delicious!




Spending hours inside each day revising can take its toll. Every other evening, I like to either hit the gym or attend an exercise class. I always leave feeling accomplished – happy endorphins are a thing!



Put on a facemask, paint your nails and just have some ‘me’ time. I often find that I stop taking care of myself during revision and my normal pamper routines go out of the window. However, if you set aside even one hour a week to pamper yourself, it can really help you to de-stress.



Meet up with friends


Meeting up with friends will help keep things in perspective. You’re not alone and often your friends are feeling the exact same stress and worries as you are. Talking to someone about how you’re feeling or even about things completely unrelated to revision will be so helpful.

Edited By Niamh Perry








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