Want To keep Hold of that New Term Motivation? Read these 4 top tips...

The beginning of a new term comes hand-in-hand with that burst of motivation to start the year off right; getting new stationary, going to all your lectures, doing seminar-prep and perhaps, even, answering a question in a lecture. It all starts off so well, until you find yourself making excuses as to why you cannot make that 9am on a Thursday morning, after a big night out in Crisis. How do we maintain that new term buzz, and finish the year like we started?  

It can be difficult balancing student life; trying to make time for friends, coursework, societies, sport, finances and your own guilty pleasures is harder than it seems. However, getting into a routine of daily habits can really help you with that balance and boost your sense of self-productivity! 

  1. Wake Up!

Sleeping in may be wonderful, but by the time you get up, half the day is gone and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet. As gruelling as the sound of that dreaded alarm is, it really is amazing what getting into a regular sleeping pattern can do. If you’re struggling to get out of bed, why not try simple tricks like leaving your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off! Once your body clock is adjusted to an early morning, it will be easy to get going. Wake up, have a coffee and start your day off right with that feeling of productivity. 

  1. Lists are a Girl’s Best Friend

There’s nothing better than that feeling of ticking off items on your to do list. Get into the routine of making lists, these could be either daily, weekly or monthly. They help with organisation on both a practical and mental level. Make a list, set a goal for your progress and plan how and when you’re going to do it, in other words, always keep it PG (planned goals)! 

  1. Get Movin’

Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before, but exercise really is at the root of routine. That doesn’t mean you have to go and do a two-hour gym session at David Ross, just do something active! Walk to campus instead of getting the bus, go for a walk around Wollaton Park, or go to a gym class - they are great for beginners and meeting new people. Exercise splits up the day; it gives you a break from your computer screen and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards! 

  1. Reward and Relaxation 

It’s good to get into work-orientated habits, but it is just as important to get into the habit of self-reward and relaxation. Go for a cheesy night out in Ocean, go for a cocktail at The Alchemist or have a movie night in; do whatever you find pleasure in, and, it will feel a lot better knowing you’ve ticked off those to-do lists. Student life is all about having a balance; indulge in the activities that allow you to recharge and keep the ball rolling.  


Why not try and get into these 4 simple habits to help maintain that new term productivity!