Upcoming Artists for 2015

With a New Year comes new music and what better way to kick-start the year than with a musical detox? A time to experience and get to know more music in the Nottingham scene, 2015 is going to be a great year, with Rock City hosting many hit artists, some in the next 3 months! (You can tell I’m very excited for them). But fear not, the beauty of our old favourites will still be heard on the Cheese Room floor of Oceana.

The BBC releases a list of five artists each year who they ‘believe will define music’ over the coming year. It means a lot for an artist to get picked, considering their past annual lists have nominated big names such as Adele and Sam Smith. This year their top 3 includes:


1.   Years & Years - Desire

This electro-pop genre has 90s influences with a very artistic music video based around ‘Desire’ of the human form. A great catchy song to explain those inner feelings towards someone special.  A super choice of song for pre-drinks with its repetitive beat and easy to learn lyrics.


2.   Rae Morris – Under the Shadows

Popular styles are found in ‘Under the Shadows’ with a Kate Bush inspired music video, and Morris does appear as a present day Kate Bush. Clearly the best artists are replicated as her influences are also from present day artists such as, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding.


3.   Shura - Touch

A slow song with many different interpretations to be drawn from the music video. It uses a synth R&B genre and the music makes you want to just relax and daydream about the latest New Year’s heartbreak. I don’t honestly know what all the making out in the music video is meant to represent so, I will leave you figure that out!


My personal recommendation for 2015 would be the artist Florrie Arnold, known mainly for the ‘Sunday Girl – Nina Ricci’ advert. This singer-songwriter, drummer and model has so much more to offer! As the new face of H&M, her career appears to be vastly flourishing. Perhaps a British Taylor Swift?






Edited by Amelia Bauer-Madden