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Top Horror Movies for Halloween Season

It is Halloween season and a lot of us love the idea of meeting with friends and watching movies on the sofa, indulging on chocolates and popcorn. Some of us are into the ghost, gore thrillers or horror kind of movies, while others would rather watch a more fun or meaningful movie even if Halloween is knocking at your door. Fear not! There are movies that can suit any type of person  to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Silence of the Lambs: A classic horror film that follows  a young FBI cadet in her quest to  catch a notorious serial killer who skins his victims with the help of another serial killer who is in jail. It is not your typical thriller which combines blood, multiple deaths and a crazy person wanting to kill them all without reason. It is still gruesome in its own special way and the suspense is ever rising, something you would want in Halloween season!

Halloween: If you are into the slasher films where there is a lot of blood and teenagers getting killed then check out this movie. It is about a man who, in his youth, killed his sister and manages to escape from his mental hospital and is on the loose to kill again. It is the first installment of the Halloween franchise so you can do a Marathon with your friends!



The Conjuring: If you are more interested in movies that are concerned with the supernatural then this movie is for you. It has the supernatural element, it has the blood and it has the suspense. What more do you need? The movie  centres around a modern-Brothers-Grimm couple (the movie ones but without the con-artist part) helping a family who is terrorized by a supernatural creature.

Poltergeist: Another horror movie which would leave afraid in your own home! It centres around a family who is haunted by ghosts. The 1982 movie is the first of a franchise, thus if you can handle it you can do a marathon with your friends.



Corpse Bride: An entertaining animated movie that would not leave you disappointed. Tim Burton  unites the underworld and our world beautifully with the help of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. My expectations of this movie were high and by the end of it I was not disappointed. It is definitely a fun and relaxing break from the gore we all watch on Halloween.

Edward Scissorhands: Another amazing creation by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp which by the end of it, it will leave you in a turmoil of feelings. As Peter Travers from Rolling Stones said ‘Edward Scissorhands isn’t perfect. It’s something better: pure magic’. The storyline is about Edward Scissorhands, a man with scissors as hands (if it is not obvious enough from the name!) and how he adapts in a new family and community.

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