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Top Christmas Jumpers of 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Christmas is, without a shadow of a doubt, ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ The songs, the parties, the fashion and of course the food (advent calendars are going to make 9am lectures seem more bearable!). The Christmas markets particularly Nottingham’s, are so quaint and festive and with the addition of an ice rink it’s just an overload of festive excitement!

Being the festive fiend that I am, I do enjoy wearing Christmas jumpers. Many people roll their eyes at my collection of gaudy and ever so slightly tacky Christmas jumpers, and seem to love complaining that it’s ‘not even Christmas yet,’. But wearing a Christmas jumper solely on Christmas Eve or Christmas day feels like a waste of money, so that’s why you should get yours now!

Boohoo.com seem to have the best selection of jumpers this year. The quality is actually rather good (which I know can be a bit hit or miss when ordering online) and most of the designs are available in a variety of different colours. I even ventured to look at the men’s selection, but unfortunately the majority of them were just plain jumpers printed with Christmas related euphemisms… which could potentially make for an amusing Secret Santa gift, depending on the recipient’s sense of humour of course.  

So, here are my favourite picks for 2016:

1. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper – Boohoo – £15

I love this bottle green jumper, complete with the famous Home Alone slogan: it’s my personal favourite this year.

2. Reindeer and snowflake jumper – Boohoo – £15

This Boohoo classic red and white jumper is more wintery than Christmassy. The subtler design would look great paired with black dungarees or a black denim skirt and tights. 

And the best part of buying your Christmas jumper from Boohoo.com: the 10% student discount with UNidays!

3. Christmas letter jumper – Primark – £12

This Primark jumper could possibly be considered tacky… but if you can’t be a bit tacky at Christmas then when can you?! It also comes with a bag of cute letters and symbols making it fully customisable.

And to remind those cynical Christmas jumper Scrooges that you do have some semblance of fashion sense, pair any of these jumpers with jeans, an A-line skirt or even a pair of dungarees for a great festive look this winter!

Edited by: Tia Ralhan