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Top 5 Places to go in Notts as a Fresher.

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Nottingham is where thousands of us call home whilst we are studying. There is countless fun bars, restaurants, and venues to enjoy during your time here! However, these are some of the spots that I wish I was aware of before coming to university here. Now that everything has opened up again and lockdown is fully eased the city has reopened and normality has thankfully returned! So here are some of the gems that you must visit and see…

Colwick Country Park

Where:  End of, Racecourse Rd, Colwick, Nottingham, NG2 4BH

Why? People frequently rave about Wollaton park, but Colwick is like Wollaton’s lesser-known little brother! During the summer, students can be caught basking in the sun on the shores of the lake, enjoying barbecues, drinks, and various sporting games. Also, this park hosts Nottingham’s biggest music festival – Detonate. Yet, Colwick also appeals in Winter as the Lake has beautiful views. If this is not for you – worry not! There are wild swimming clubs available to join and a wide variety of extra-curricular water sport activities are situated here.


Where: Multiple locations throughout Nottingham

Why? Bunk is a great intimate bar-setting, perfect for getting to know your new friends a bit better! The curly fries and wings are to die for too… A positive is that the menu and drinks are also very reasonably priced. Meaning it is perfect for those on a budget (namely a student one…) The atmosphere is relaxing, and the bar always play current music paired with friendly staff, making this a Notts essential.

Rock City

Where: 8 Talbot Street, NG1 5GG

Why? No list of Nottingham would be complete without the mecca for all nights out. Once hailed as ‘the best nightclub in England’, Rock city is an institution. For a University of Nottingham student, this is your bread and butter for a night out. The venue is always packed, and the sets are always current music. Rock City also have events such as concerts by Hybrid Minds, Oh Wonder and some other big names. However, this is not the most notable thing about Rock City. That would have to be the sports night on Wednesdays for Crisis. Even if you are not into going out, I would strongly recommend giving this one a go. It is something of a rite of passage.

Roxy Ball Room

Where: 10 Thurland St, Nottingham, NG1 3DR

Why? Roxy Ball room is a new addition to the Nottingham scene at the heart of Nottingham city. This venue is a fun and popular setting, despite only just opening. There are lots of games to play, including: bowling, Olympic standard ping pong tables, American pool and traditional arcade games. The games are the perfect icebreakers for those just meeting and the staff are very welcoming and covid-aware!

Pudding Pantry

Where: 27-29 Trinity Sq, Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4AF

Why? This lovely independent café has the type of food and coffee that will make you come back! They have a wide variety of cakes, pancakes, and a tempting full-English breakfast. However, my personal favourite is the Bakewell pancakes. The wonderful selection is sure to have something to please you. The light interior and the buzzing atmosphere create a pleasant vibe and is the perfect spot to laugh with your new friends about last night’s antics.

I hope you go visit some of these spots with your new-found freedom away from home and new friendships. Good luck with the next couple of years, I know you will enjoy them!

Isabel Sharp

Nottingham '21

I am a second year university student studying English. In my free time,I enjoy running and spending time with my dog!
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