Top 10 Date Nights in Nottingham

1.       Tilt

“A Blues Cocktail Bar in Nottingham City Centre” – Tilt is a cute, intimate, upstairs bar on Pelham Street, which is on a side street to the city centre. It’s home to original, homemade cocktails – which are made stylishly in front of your very eyes! – as well as a host of live music every night! With the music starting at about 21:30, Tilt is sure to be packed on any night of the week. A perfect place to take a date on any evening of the week, Tilt is our number one choice for the best date night in Nottingham.

2.       Savoy Cinema

Looking for a cheap place for a romantic film? Savoy is the best place for you! With its vintage cinema design and double ‘love seats’, you’re sure to get cosy sharing popcorn and cuddling during a romantic film. With tickets as cheap as £4.25 for students, the Savoy is perfect for a first date – especially if you’re nervous about what to talk about! 

3.       Turtle Bay

Situated in the Cornerhouse and at the stomach of Nottingham, Turtle Bay is an eccentric Caribbean Restaurant which is sure to make your date hot! A laid-back, beach-like design will calm your nerves on any date, as well as the cocktail hour from 12:00-19:00! Her Campus especially recommends the Caribbean Punch! 

4.       Ice skating

Whether it’s at the Capital FM arena, or in the Market Square at Christmas, ice skating would make an exciting and enjoyable date for any young couple. Watch as he tries to impress you before falling flat on his face!

5.       Spanky Van Dykes

The quirky name says it all. Spanky Van Dykes is a unique bar and restaurant located on Goldsmith Street. With loads of cosy sofas to relax in and your favourite drinks and food, Spanky Van Dykes is a great place to go to relax and get to know your date.

6.       Rock City Concerts

Going to see your favourite band would definitely make a fun date. At the notorious Rock City, usually home to Crisis every Wednesday, take your guy to see your favourite artist/band in an intimate gig-setting.

7.       Wollaton Park

A stroll in Wollaton Park, and possibly a picnic, would make a great day-date. Taking a walk up to Batman’s house is sure to please your guy who will definitely take selfies next to it, while you pretend that you don’t know him! A walk around the lake could also be romantic as winter sets in. 

      8.       Fat Cat

With student-friendly food and an all-day, every-day 2 for 1 deal on cocktails, Fat Cat is a great place to go for a meal with your date. What can compete with cocktail deals all day?!

9.       Pitcher and Piano

Originally a 16th century church, Pitcher and Piano, now a converted restaurant and bar, is a lovely venue to either have some food or have a drink with your date. The stunning architecture as well as original stained glass windows means this restored church will create a magical atmosphere for your date.

10.       Nottingham Castle

A walk around the historic Nottingham Castle, and an obligatory pose beside the Robin Hood Statue outside is a must for a date in Nottingham. Let’s face it, what Nottingham student hasn’t posed next to Robin Hood? (Not us)

Edited by Caroline Chan


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