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Coursework can be incredibly overwhelming. The barrage of deadlines is not ideal, however, this is just part of the process of university (and the end is in sight!) Hence, it is vital that you keep positive! Here are some tips that help me to get through deadline season:



Schedule:  To optimise your time, planning when deadlines will be due can be useful.  Creating a timetable can be an easy way to ensure you end up getting stuff done. Time wasting and procrastination are a university student’s best friend, but setting targets enables you to create a structure which can help you reach your goals.



Communication: Keeping an open channel between your tutor and module convenors is truly underestimated. There is a duality in this, as your module convenor can provide useful insights or readings of an essay question. Also, if you are feeling stressed, you can make them aware. This allows students to maximise their potential at university. Speaking from experience, lecturers are passionate about their subject, and genuinely enjoy educating and engaging others.



Make notes: Throughout the year aim to keep yourself organised. This pays off endlessly when you are feeling the pressure with exams. If you have a structured base, all the rest will fall into place. Note-taking is important to ensure that you understand and summarise the concepts and actively engage your brain!



Celebrate: Remember that the end of coursework is in sight!. Implement fun plans with your friends and family, so you have something exciting and rewarding to look forward to, once you smash your deadlines. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to something that you have always wanted. Ultimately, after working hard throughout the year, it is only right to recognise your achievements, and how far you have come.


Coursework does not need to be a scary task. Remember that you came to university to study something you are interested in. This is what you want to be doing, and the commitment you have presented throughout the year will shine through. Good luck!

Isabel Sharp

Nottingham '21

I am a second year university student studying English. In my free time,I enjoy running and spending time with my dog!
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