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The Power of Mondays – Reclaim your Monday!

Before even getting into the article, I am fully aware that the title alone is alarming. Most people hold an agreement that Mondays are the worst and the hardest day of the week. I am confident that after reading this I will have equipped you with tools that enable you to reclaim you Monday. An essential and great day of the working week (definitely not putting it before Saturday and Sunday). I present to you, my reclaimed Mondays…. Manifest it Monday and Motivate Monday (it alliterates, already winning!)  

Surprisingly it begins with reflection, which seems impossible before the week has begun. However, it is essential, the reflecting exercise is a focus on what it is that personally makes your Mondays bad. Is it that getting up for a new week is physically too hard? Is it the impending doom of a whole week ahead, a whole 5 days until the weekend again? The list goes on. This technique is effective because it means that you can better prepare yourself for the impossible. So, let’s say for you getting up is the worst part, focus on making this part of your day essential. Set your alarm to a song that you can’t help but dance to, get a breakfast in that makes you excited to get up (for me pancakes and an iced coffee I’m there). Better preparing yourself for what you find hard about Monday is a step in the right direction. The all-time saying goes, start as you mean to go on, this is true when we are fixing up Mondays. You are setting the tone for the whole of the week! 

Manifest is Monday comes from the small task of speaking into existence that it will be a good day and a good week. In order to set this idea into motion I personally love the rule of three, this consists of setting three tasks that by the end of the day you want to have completed. They don’t have to be huge tasks, don’t set yourself up to fail before you even start, be realistic so that it feels great when you complete them, however this doesn’t mean don’t push yourself. The three tasks could be something like, complete some work you have been putting off, get some exercise in and cook a nice dinner. They are three small but achievable tasks that make you feel accomplished at the end of the day, which need rewarding, maybe that’s a self-indulgent snack whilst you watch your favourite romcom before bed!  

Another way in which you can reclaim your Mondays is dressing it up, majority of the time I choose a comfy tracksuit, fresh face and tied up hair. However, go the extra mile on Monday add a colourful eyeliner, curl your hair and put on a cute dress with some boots. It’s simple, when you look great you feel great, step into the week feeling at your best that gives you confidence in your walk. Previously in task setting I snuck the horrifying word in…. EXERCISE. 

This is most certainly in the spirit of Motivate Monday, some exercise small or big is just what you need to get the endorphins going or take some rage out from doing work all day, clear your mind of all emotions and sweat it out!

Finally end your day with a homed cooked hearty dinner, making nice food for yourself is a self-care moment and something that most people don’t do enough, as we prefer to opt for the easy quick option. These are all easy and small ways you can improve your Monday and reclaim it. Remember when completing all these improvements talk to yourself like someone you love, be kind to yourself if you’re finding the day hard and approach everything you do with a big smile ! 

Caitlin Sweeney

Nottingham '23

A lover of Wilde and Shelley, and a guilty pleasure for 80s music. I believe chocolate and tea can solve 98% of my problems, I am always up for new challenges and learning new things !
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