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The Best Zodiac Gifts for Each Sign

With deadline season fast approaching, and Christmas parties draining everyone’s bank accounts, the extra added stress of attempting to get presents for every single person you’ve ever met seems to be the most stressful task imaginable. Whether it’s your best friend of 10 years, or the flatmate you’ve spoken to about twice who you happened to pull out of the secret santa hat, any guidance is useful, so no matter if they’re an astrology lover or sceptic, this gift guide will be sure to provide at least some ideas for everyone in your life.


Ruled by Mars, the impulsive Aries in your life will be sure to appreciate anything fiery, think deep red lipsticks or waterproof eyeliner to withstand the intense emotional outbursts. Or to calm their assertive nature, stress balls and face masks should get the job done.


For the laid back Taurus friends, anything to do with food or relaxing would be greatly appreciated. As the most calm sign of the zodiac, Taurus ruled people are easy going and easy to please. Takeaway vouchers and a spa kit would provide a perfect night in, chuck in some slippers and fluffy pjs if you’re feeling generous and prepare for them to love you forever.


Potentially the most misunderstood sign, Mercury ruled Geminis surprisingly love pen and paper, a new notebook or journal will be sure to give these sharp minded individuals an outlet for their thoughts. Anything travel related should also do the trick considering their flighty nature and tendency to disappear for days on end.


For the nurturing Cancers, anything sentimental is perfect. Ruled by the moon and possibly the most sensitive sign, anything personalised or to do with an inside joke would be sure to make them smile. Also, something homely like a good scented candle or home decor would be sure to please them.


For attention loving, drama queen Leos – anything bold will pretty much do. Think lots of glitter, lots of sparkles, anything to make them shine, since Leo is ruled by the Sun after all. Or for the more lowkey Leos in your life, get almost anything you could find in a Vogue beauty secrets video, just make them feel like a celebrity and they will be grateful.


With the perfectionist, nit-picky Virgo, think self care, crossword puzzles, classic literature and best of all cleaning products. Also ruled by Mercury, Virgo is known as a sign of intellect, but unlike the more carefree Gemini they are far more controlled and put together. Basically just anything to do with organisation, if it feels like it should be in an Emily Mariko Tik Tok or an episode of Tidying with Marie Kondo, it’s perfect.


For the true material girls of the zodiac, Libras will love anything conventionally pretty. Ruled by Venus they have a true appreciation for art and beauty, so something like new jewellery, silk pillowcases or fancy makeup products will do just fine. As long as it fits with their carefully crafted aesthetic Libras will love anything given to them.


With a reputation for being the deep and mysterious sign, Scorpios will appreciate anything that adds to their mystery. Similar to Aries, any dark makeup or black lacy clothes will be perfect. However as a water sign they do also have an appreciation for the more sentimental gifts, think personalised necklaces or photo albums.


The travellers of the zodiac will be sure to love anything adventurous, and whilst a holiday or plane ticket would be perfect, on a student budget unless the £5 ryanair flights sound appealing to you, you’re probably better off with a fun day activity. Something like an escape room or day trip somewhere exciting.


With an eye for quality, practical and ambitious Capricorns love anything with value. Something like classic jewellery, anything vintage or even a gift card to use at a local museum or coffee shop would be greatly appreciated


For the eccentric, futuristic Aquarius, anything cool and unique will do. Think funky vintage jackets, or anything environmentally friendly. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius people do tend to care deeply for the planet so anything to do with sustainability will be loved.


Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, dreamy and imaginative Pisces would love anything cosy or sweet. Something like a dream journal or poetry book would be perfect, or also anything self care related for their (very frequent) pamper nights in.

Maya Zarri

Nottingham '23

Second year English student at the University of Nottingham
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