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SU Launch Investigation Into Disturbing Freshers Chants

The SU has confirmed they are launching an enquiry into the chanting that was taught to Freshers during Week One.

SU President Harry Copson posted the news on Twitter last night, blasting the chants as ‘unacceptable’.

The news of the chants was broken by Impact last week, after a video of Freshers from Cavendish Halls singing the disturbing rhymes emerged.

Reactions to the chants have been almost universally negative, with UoN’s Feminist Society reportedly describing them as ‘disgusting’ for including lyrics that seemingly encouraged promiscuity and necrophilia: These are the girls that I love best, many times I’ve sucked their breasts/ Now she’s dead but not forgotten, dig her up and f**k her rotten.

However, the news of this recent scandal is not particularly surprising, as many older students have also reported being taught similar chants by reps in their first week at university. Both myself and my other housemate, who were previous residents of Ancaster, recall being encouraged to sing rapey rhymes at the tops of our voices whilst on our way to Week One venues. The combination of too much alcohol, the charisma of the reps, and the fear of being considered a prude by our new hall mates resulted in even the most mild mannered members of our block expressing their desire to be ‘high-flying and sixty-nining’.

Although the SU have finally started to take some action against this incident, many have already criticised the faculty about being too slow to react; the tweet from Harry Copson came four days after the Impact article, and a full two weeks after Week One itself.

Whilst addressing these Week One chants may be the start of the extermination of ‘lad culture’ that is apparent within the university, there are still many other incidents that may also need looking in to. Rag Raids, a long standing Freshers tradition hosted by Karnival, is known for its booze-fuelled bus journeys back from the cities they visit. A friend of a fellow Her Campus writer was allegedly told to eat a hideous concoction of cat food and vinegar whilst downing pints, before peeing on the bus floor. The attention brought to these rhymes that are taught may only be scratching the surface of some of the truly vile behaviour that occurs during people’s first week at here at Nottingham.

Watch the shocking video here:






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