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SU Candidate: Rahul Jaju, President

Campaigns are well underway and the end is nearing! Time to get to know another one of our SU President candidates, Rahul Jaju! 

What motivated you to stand for the post of the SU President?

My active involvement with the Student’s Union for the past three years made me realise that there are many changes I’d want to see. Being the President, I’ll have the opportunity address these changes. Setting up realistic goals for my manifesto, since the beginning of third year, I decided on running for the position of the SU President. Constant motivation for wanting these changes also came from my friends, coursemates and peers.

What all have you been involved in previous years?

Currently, I’m the President for the Indian Society. Over the past six months, I’ve gained extensive knowledge about functioning of a society, organising social events and of the Student’s Union. Managing a large society is definitely challenging. It has helped me understand my weaknesses of restlessness and turn it into a current strength of patience. Also, my time as the President has taught me how to account for the members’ problems and solve them by active communication with the members. In Year 2, I was the General Secretary for the Indian Society, a role that gave me an insight into time-management, conducting group meetings and putting best efforts for achieving effective results. Lastly, my first leadership role at University was of the Vice President in Newark Hall, Jubilee Campus. This role helped me better understand the existing differences between home and international students living under the same roof. By holding regular meet and greets, I successfully managed to increase healthy communication between the residents of the hall leading to better and friendlier relationships amongst all.

What changes do you want to introduce if you’re elected as the President?

During my term as the Student’s Union President, I’d like to make the following changes:

  • Making social spaces more inclusive and unified by increasing interaction between students from different countries, religions and backgrounds.
  • A more efficient problem-solving platform, thereby helping societies in reaching their goals quicker. 
  • Larger budgets for sanctioned clubs by improving coordination with respective SU Officers.
  • Organising personal “meeting times” on a fortnightly basis with different societies based in all campuses.
  • Encouraging societies to conduct forums with notable alumni and guest speakers, leading to healthy outcomes for the University as well as the societies and its members.
  • Working to defeat discrimination and stigma attached to physical disabilities, racial bias and mental health.
  • Developing community spirit within our University and working towards fundraising events and SU events, whilst keeping in touch with Nottingham City Council and their concerns as well.
  • Lastly, I’ll endeavor to listen to the opinions of all students and learn about things they would like to be changed.

As an International student, are there any changes you want to introduce?

Straight from my manifesto, inclusivity and diversity with respect to all the activities on the campuses. Creation of a community in Nottingham rather than segregated components according to different religions, backgrounds and beliefs and including “everyone” in every activity and engaging constant participation by all, together.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I see myself as an easy-going, hardworking individual with clear ideas and goals. I feel extremely comfortable in new environments and love to meet new people. You’ll always see me smile, even at the last hour before the examination when I’m rushing through my notes and texts. I believe I can advance the causes in which me and my peers (i.e. University students) believe in.


Ocean/Crisis: Crisis!

Dream Job: World Traveler

Superpower: Speed (like the Flash)

Favourite holiday destination: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Favourite quote: “The road not taken.”

Vote here: www.studentleaderelections.co.uk

Edited by Jenine Tudtud

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