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SU Candidate: Alan Holey, President

He’s been busy on campus and is running to be the next SU president! Her Campus catches up with the King of Disco himself, Alan Holey…

Course: Geography

Year: 3

So, aside from running for SU president, you’re involved in Geog Soc too. What’s your role in Geog Soc at the moment?

I am the current Vice-President of the Geography Society.

Are you involved in anything else on campus?

On campus right now, I’m running to be the next SU President!

What have you done in previous years?

In my first year, I was the President of Florence Boot Hall. In my second year, I was Welcome Week Mentor for Florence Boot Hall, Social Sec for the Geography Society, peer mentor for Geography Society, and I sang in the University of Nottingham Chamber Choir and choir.

Wow! You’ve really been involved! Where can you most commonly be found on campus?

To be honest, I’m mostly home doing work for my dissertation and coursework. However, if I am on campus you will most definitely see me in Clive Granger (specifically Ebdon Lab) or Hallward – got a sweet spot where I always sit downstairs you’re bound to see me some time! Also without fail, if I’m on campus I get the Boots meal deal so you’ll see me there around 12!

So when you’re not busy with societies, I hear you like to go out a little bit… what’s your favourite night out in Notts?

A lot of my friends know me as the person who goes out A LOT! I’ve changed a bit since first year, went out definitely too much! Not sure how my liver is still functioning haha! But my favourite nights out in Nottingham will definitely be the classic Crisis (I was the King of Disco in first year, type ‘Alan Holey Tab’ on Google to find out more) and Ocean (I’m all about the Ocean DevOcean!).  

What do you love most about Notts?

The thing I love most about Notts is definitely the city. It just has everything you need! All the bars and restaurants are fantastic and the night life scene is great! They definitely do need an Apple shop in Nottingham though!

What advice would you give freshers about getting involved in societies on campus?

I personally think if I didn’t get involved with societies throughout my time in Nottingham I would not have had as much fun! You get to meet so many people and get to spend time with new people and some of these people are my best friends today! Honestly the experience you get from being part of a society is well worth the hard work and challenges you may face!

To find out more about Alan’s campaign, watch the video below:


Vote here: www.studentleaderelections.co.uk

Edited by Jenine Tudtud

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