Style Guide: Online Shopping Suggestions for the Perfect Christmas Party Outfit

With Christmas parties, work dos, formal events and balls, deadlines looming and Christmas presents to buy, finding a suitable outfit can be a chore. Shopping at this time of year is without a doubt very stressful, so recently, I have been shopping online instead.

Online shopping is so much easier, especially at this time of year when it takes that extra bit of effort to brave it out in the cold. Having to make the gruesome trek to the 34 bus stop just to weave through the avid shoppers who seem to crowd Market Square 24/7 isn’t ideal. I will do almost anything to avoid the ridiculous queues. Often I just abandon my item near the till and scarper to the nearest Starbucks. Compensating for the cold weather with a scarf seems a good idea at the time too, until you step into a shop where the heating is up full whack and you have to start stripping there and then in the middle of Topshop.

Therefore, I have come to the decision that I prefer online shopping… so here are some picks from my favourite online shops (which, by the way, all offer student discount!)

1. Missguided - Silky Red Choker Cami Dress - £14

This dress is in a similar style to Kendall Jenner’s renowned 20th birthday dress. This dress is bang on trend, with the choker detailing and the silk material, the bold red colour is also wonderfully festive. For a mere £14 this dress is perfect for any event you have coming up.

2. - Lond Sleeve Sequined Cowl Neck Dress - £31.50

This dress is stunning. It is a very bold piece, but Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for wearing sequins, after all. The long sleeves mean you will be able to stay warm whilst still looking fabulously chic.

3. Pretty Little Thing - Rose Gold Assymetric Dress - £18.70

This dress is also gorgeous. The drapes and the sparkly material makes this pick perfect for any occasion over the Christmas period. This dress will go perfectly with nude shoes and accessories, or alternatively, gold accessories, in particular, are another option.

There are both pros and cons to shopping online. It’s always a risk as to whether the clothes will actually fit, and if the material is good quality. It’s also very easy to spend virtual pounds, and when you can’t physically hold the clothes it doesn’t seem like you are buying that much. However, these online picks just go to show how awesome shopping online can be… Merry Christmas shoppers!

Edited by: Amy Hawthorne