Struggles only students who study French would understand

Struggles only students who are doing a French degree would understand So I'm currently studying French at university and a year later, I can safely say that I have a huge love-hate relationship with it. Contrary to popular belief, studying languages is far from easy. Whilst I do (most of the time) enjoy my degree, it has come with its fair share of mental breakdowns and tears (mainly over French grammar). So, without further ado, here's a list of struggles only French students seem to suffer (you STEM lot have it easy BELIEVE ME)…

1) It's all fun and games at first when you tell people you speak French. They think "Oh my god you're so sophisticated and cultured!!!" and you feel amazing asf. Then you actually speak to a French person and you're like…

2) The thought of the year abroad either makes you extremely excited (it is your compulsory gap yah after all...) or it terrifies the living daylights out of you because you're worried you'll end up being like Mr Bean when he goes to France.        

3) Having a deep personal hatred for that one douchebag in your class who seems to know what the hell the subjunctive actually is.

4) Someone asking you "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?" doesn't amuse you AT ALL.

5) You're secretly praying to God/your brain/Beyoncé that your year abroad will magically make you totally fluent in French so you can nail final year.

6) You secretly feel offended if you see tops in stores that have French on them but they're not grammatically correct.

7) French literature is hands down the weirdest thing you have ever read and you either end up reading the English version of it or you Google translate the hell out of that book.

8) Coming across people who say "Oh isn't French easy? You should do something harder like Spanish or Mandarin!"