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Stranger Things Inspired Wearable 80s Fashion

If binge-watching the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix has left you thinking you were born in the wrong era, or perhaps you finished it in two days (like me) and you’ve been left wanting more, look no further, as we are here to inject some wearable 80s-inspired fashion into your wardrobe. Just from walking around the shops, it is safe to say that 80s fashion is coming back in a big way, and no doubt that Stranger Things has something to do with it.

Topshop have even released their own collaboration, so check it out here as a starting point.  Now read on for our tips on how to take your outfits from the Upside Down straight to Hawkins…



Gone but not forgotten, Barb’s signature glasses can be found in a similar style on Asos. Try the ‘Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Square Clear Lens Gold’ and pair them with a frilly wrap front blouse like the one below from Topshop and some wide-leg trousers for the full Barb look.


Second only to Steve’s hair, Nancy’s fashion is my personal favourite and one of the easiest to replicate yourself. Urban Outfitters have a pretty much exact copy of one of her patterned cropped jumpers, perfect for the upcoming winter season. Add an aviator jacket with a fleece lining and some high-waisted jeans for a perfectly casual outfit.


Jonathan’s simple striped t-shirt and denim jacket combo is a universally loved outfit that everyone can pull off. Not a complete 80s blast from the past, but definitely an easy one to incorporate into your own wardrobe and perfect for lectures.



To channel the much more wearable season two Eleven look, try a pair of denim dungarees and add a long black coat and some smudged black eyeliner. I can’t guarantee that you will become psychokinetic but you’ll definitely look ‘bitchin’.

For those who just want to try a small 80s throwback rather than channel a favourite Stranger Things character, simply incorporate double denim, checked shirts, a bomber jacket and high waisted trousers into your wardrobe – and bonus points if you can make your hair as voluminous as Steve’s too.


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