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Staying Safe in Nottingham


Feeling safe when you are on campus and out and about in Nottingham’s city centre is a vital part of enjoying your time at university. If you don’t feel secure in either of these places it can have a massive impact on how you go about your everyday university life. Fear may translate into rejecting invitations to go out with your friends or even missing seminars and lectures. This could result in a feeling of isolation and prevent the chance of a sense of security finding its way back to you. So, it’s important to know how to stay safe to make you feel more confident and ensure you don’t miss any of what Nottingham has to offer.

First off, a little reassurance is in order. Nottingham does have somewhat of a reputation surrounding crime, but after doing a little digging, it seems this has been blown slightly out of proportion. Nottingham’s crime level is deemed average when compared to other UK cities, coming in lower than major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester (Verisure, 2017). Whatever city you look at, there will be evidence of criminal activity there and Nottingham is no exception. However, it seems that we can question whether its unsafe reputation is really justified. 

Having said that, it’s a good idea to take on board a few little tips that could help to prevent you from ever having to experience crime first-hand.

  1. Stick to busy areas

This is particularly important if you find yourself alone and in the city. Choose well-lit routes where lots of other people are likely to be around, even if this means taking a longer route to get somewhere. An extra ten minutes walking is always worth it when it stops you becoming an easy target in an isolated area.

  1. Keep your valuables hidden

Although a lot of people may feel more comfortable if they have their phone in their hand ready to call for help, this may draw unwanted attention to you. If you showcase that you are carrying valuables, you could be making yourself more vulnerable and open to an attack. Make sure your phone, wallet and anything else you treasure are kept well out of sight from prying eyes that may be around you.

  1. Always tell your friends where you are going

Letting the people you live with know what your plans are for the day means there’ll be someone who will notice if you’re not back when you said you would be. On most occasions, this will probably mean you decided to have an unplanned lunch or got distracted by a Topshop sale on the way to the bank. However, if your absence is indicating something more sinister, at least your friend can alert the right people to find you some help.

  1. Choose taxis over walking

It’s the end of a night out and somehow everyone you came with has disappeared. You have two options of getting home: do you walk the twenty minutes home by yourself or order a taxi? Your answer should always be to order the taxi. Either way you are likely to feel vulnerable, but a taxi is the much quicker and safer option (not to mention warmer in the winter months!). Try and avoid simply walking up to empty taxis waiting outside of clubs if you’re alone. You are better off to ring a taxi company you trust and if in doubt DG Taxis is a great company to save the number of. All their vehicles have security cameras inside, which means you know will be delivered to your front door safely.

It’s easy to get caught up worrying about your safety when you are miles away from home but staying alert and keeping these tips in mind should help put you at ease. Go out, have fun and stay safe!

Meghan Jarvis

Nottingham '20

Meghan is a third year student studying English at the University of Nottingham. She enjoys reading, writing and all things food. Meghan is a features writer for HerCampus Nottingham magazine.
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