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Starbucks Treats from Around the World

Ah, Starbucks. A staple part of most university student’s lives. Whether it’s a hard core double espresso the morning after a night out, or a cavity-inducing chocolate Frappuccino whilst basking in the early summer sun, we all gratefully part with our cash as soon as we see the oddly drawn mermaid inside the green logo. However, Starbucks, whilst it does seem to be everywhere, is not actually the same everywhere. Whilst we eagerly rejoice the return of the seasonal red cups, here are some of the top things us Brits are missing out on:


Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino – USA

This carnival delight blends waffle cone-flavoured syrup with dark caramel sauce before topping it off with whipped cream and real waffle pieces! However, with this American treat weighing in at 510 calories for a large, it’s probably best we leave this one to our friends across the pond.


Toffeedoodle Cookie – Canada

Derived from the ‘Snickerdoodle’, this baked treat is made with rich butter toffee before being topped with cinnamon and sugar. Meanwhile, we make do with the original milk choc chip. At least we have the nutella-stuffed oats cookie, so we don’t feel *too* hard done by.


Chocolate Tuxedo Cake  – Malaysia

Yes, you read that right. They are serving up giant slabs of this decadent delight that combines mousse, cream and brownie over in Southeast Asia, alongside their standard lattes and cappuccinos. Who’s planning their next trip right now to include a visit to one of these chain stores?


Green Tea Latte – Hong Kong

To go alongside their tradition with incorporating green tea into every other western product (think KitKats and Oreos), Hong Kong also mix it into their lattes. Combine this with their famous red cups around Christmas time and you’ve got a visually perfect holiday treat.


Macarons – Australia

However bizarre this may seem, down under they offer a range of this French originating light and chewy confection. Available in raspberry, chocolate or salted caramel, they’re the perfect little accompaniment to your morning coffee run – and something the UK Starbucks really needs to introduce.


With more than 24,000 Starbucks stores spanning 70 countries, this coffee company of course wants to tailor their treats to suit each customer base. However, we’d just appreciate it if they could possibly start selling pretty much everything listed here (and the rest) in the UK stores. Thank you!


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