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The Spring Pick-Me-Ups You Need

We are well and truly in the midst of the Spring Semester… deadlines are beginning to loom, revision plans are being nervously whispered across lecture halls, your module reading lists have slowly caught up with you and all those unread course texts are gathering dust on your shelf. ‘When will this semester end?’ you ask yourself as you once again miss the 34 bus and have to trek to campus in the rain.

The mid-semester slump may be impacting us all – but it doesn’t have to be all gloom! Our mates at Her Campus HQ in Boston sent us an exciting Spring Break Survival Kit to share with our readers!

From lush eats to lounge reads, and cute accessories to cheer you up, our Survival Kit will surely brighten up your Spring Semester and make you look forward to the Easter Break!

First up in our Survival Kit is … The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn!

We can’t put it down!

Ever say that you wish you had more time to read for pleasure at uni? Fed up of trawling through Hallward’s library catalogue? The Intern’s Handbook is the perfect excuse to avoid your boring reading lists. This debut thriller follows an unlikely intern at a powerful law firm in Manhattan, who just happens to be concealing his secret identity as an elite assassin and the fact he’s been hired to kill one of the top partners at the firm. The ultimate disguise! Nobody remembers the intern, after all.

Perhaps this would be a satisfying read for anyone who has had an awful experience with a boss as an intern? In any case, make sure you grab a copy of this book soon; a film adaptation is set to be released starring Dave Franco, so we’re giving you a heads up so you can be one of those obnoxious ‘read the book first’ kind of people.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we also have copies of Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell!

Dirty Rush making our bookshelf SCANDALOUS

Bell reveals all about the salacious world of sorority life at Central Delaware University. It’s got booze, parties and a sex tape – what more could you want from a guilty pleasure read? Dirty Rush will add a taste of spice, scandal and sisterhood to your otherwise dreary uni bookshelf!

For anyone bored of the bog-standard student dinners (pasta, pasta and pasta again), Her Campus want to treat our readers to some deliciousness this Spring! Our Survival Kit came bursting with Chipotle Mexican Grill vouchers – you can get yourself a free burrito, order of tacos or salad with one of these bad boys! Leave those pangs of New Year’s diet guilt behind and embrace the yummy Mexican food! You know you want to.

Free food = every student’s dream

Forever the optimists, we are already looking forward to the warmer weather! There’s no better way to accessorise this Spring than with these Her Campus accessories! We’ve got HC sunglasses and koozies – hopefully the sun will come out soon!

And to make your lectures that bit more exciting, we’ve got plenty of Her Campus stationary to share! Because what girl doesn’t want a pink pen to brighten up her note taking.

Think pink when you study!


There will be plenty of opportunities to win these HC-approved must haves soon! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram and we’ll post giveaway details soon!


Thanks to Simon & Schuster, Gallery Books, Chipotle and of course Her Campus for this haul of freebies!


Harriet Dunlea is Campus Correspondent and Co-Editor in Chief of Her Campus Nottingham. She is a final year English student at the University of Nottingham. Her passion for student journalism derives from her too-nosey-for-her-own-good nature.
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