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Spotlight: The Wandering Hearts

I caught up with The Wandering Hearts prior to their performance at Nottingham Trent’s The Landing this week. They are a different genre to what I normally listen to, but I loved their set. They are unique in that the sense that all four of them are vocalists, each of them having a different vocal but harmonising beautifully. It was so nice to chat to them and find out more about how they as ‘The Wandering Hearts’ came together and what their musical journey has been like thus far.

How did you guys form?
Tim: This was created… Tara and I met first at a gig we were both performing at. We started chatting about music, music that we liked at that time and what inspired us growing up. There were crossovers and stuff and we chatted about starting a band. We were introduced to Chess and AJ through mutual friends. Even after one rehearsal, we knew that’s what we wanted to do and here we are.

How would you describe your music?
AJ: We have loosely been put into that UK country bracket before. But I think as much as we appeal to fans of UK country or country music, we all were fans of country music when we got together, the music we are writing tends to lean to the more folkier Americana vibe really. Although there is something there for everybody I guess as we have a lot of pop influences.

What’s the best thing about being a group?
Tara: It’s lovely, just not doing everything on your own. Every day you have someone to pick up how you’re feeling. If you are stuck on a lyric, then there’s three other brains there to help. I think it’s just that thing of being a team.

Chess: It’s very collaborative isn’t it. There’s no ego with anyone. We’ve got a band ego and that’s it. There’s no individual egos which is amazing.

What’s the highlight of your careers so far?

Tim: We did Hyde Park over the Summer we did the Tom Petty show which was incredible, particularly now looking back. That was with him and Stevie Nicks and the Lumineers. They’re all artists and bands that we absolutely love so we had an amazing day then. There’s a few I’d say.

AJ: We’ve had some pretty cool moments so far. Supporting Brothers Osborne, we didn’t know how it was going to go down with a lot of the country fans even though it’s not strictly country, but it was great and really welcoming. We got to support Marty Stewart recently too, again he’s a legend and a very nice man.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve faced as a group?

Chess: changing our name. **All band members nod in agreement**

Tim: It was traumatic

Chess: It was kind of at the start, we had to change our name because a band in the US had the same name as us. It was a week when we were all over the place and not together. Sorting it was having to happen all over WhatsApp. We were having a chat over WhatsApp, trying to decide our name. It got to the point where I was walking down the street going lamp hearts, street hearts, brick hearts, anything, anything.

AJ: Brick hearts could have worked…

Chess: But the best thing about being ‘The Wandering Hearts’ is that it is very representative of us as a band but also as individuals.

Tim: That seems like that a trivial thing, considering that is the hardest thing we’ve had to deal with, but it probably was.

Tara: It actually has.

Chess: It was. It nearly broke us up before we’d even started.

**All laugh**

Tim: It’s not easy.

Chess: None of it is easy. As you know, the music industry is very competitive. After signing a record deal, it’s kind of permission to compete in this amazing thing that we are getting to do. We are very lucky that we have amazing management, and that’s been very helpful from the very start. And our label Decora, such a lovely friendly bunch. They’re so supportive so it doesn’t feel like we are part of this big cooperation which is really nice.


Check out their recent single ‘Devil’ here:



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